Comment on Montevideo

Xaos Wed, Nov 12, 2008
Hello Fast T,

"Isn't the question here though, how does our emotional makeup cope with and hopefully evolve with the intersection we are at?"

And in today already walks tomorrow. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Metaphors, before they are a concrete form of meaning, serve us in language by taking us (consciously speaking) to the edge of sense, allowing an exposure of dynamics of thought into its possibilities. This is where I see the role of emotional sleeve as meaningful, providing, bottom up, the platform and ecology for intelligence to come forth in creative ways.

In the light of the above, what I wish to express in Montevideo is that the effect of the story and Myth of the singularity ignites an event, a Meta kind of event (and in this sense it is already happened and in happening). In which and with which we are in becoming.

The giant Greeks use the term ‘wonder’ allowing them to step beyond the edges of existing knowledge, unleashing the thought to explore its possibilities. Understood in this sense our emotional make-up is equipped not only with reminding us who we are but with becoming a today that entails a tomorrow, how else?