Comment on Montevideo

notthisbody Sat, Nov 15, 2008
First, great post and polylogue! you've brought something I am passionate about - storytelling.

The Singularity that we are going through we are indeed shaping as we ourselves develop it. We are interacting through tele-synaesthesia, an extension of our senses into cyberspace.

Our senses and tele-senses are the way in which we form an understanding of our mental and physical environment, and are built on metaphorical devices by nature that translate our environment into a coherent whole.

Metaphor, as is beautifully said, serves to take us "to the edge of sense, allowing an exposure of dynamics of thought into its possibilities"

Our subjective experience is defined by (1) sensory (and tele-sensory) interaction with our environment, (2) emotional response and (3) rational response.

Metaphor is rooted in sensations using it as a dialect to map emotional response. Since our tele-synaesthetic senses are expanding, any consciousness expansion within cyberspace must streamline with our increased ability to tap into "base" subjective experience and emotions.

I propose that this emotional reasoning can lead to a noetic understanding.

as says Wildcat in an early Polytopia post, "Because we are empathy infobodied".

I think that emotional empathic sharing of a subjective experience is vital for consciousness expanding (by which I define for myself as tapping into common, shared experience and thereby gaining experience and wisdom from it)

You have indeed integrated the artistic perspective into a global vision. I define my "art" as my desire is to share a subjective experience with others. That's why I want to be a storyteller, and explore new ways to share subjective experiences with others.

Through our storytelling, the experience of collective knowledge pathway exploration (which we are all doing), and sharing of subjective experience, we can and do indeed shape the future in the present.

When we are successful, we share our own (hard-fought-for) subjective experience and subjective understanding with others and can connect with them on a noetic level. Which ties in, Xaos, with what you said about an artist pointing to bridges between Topos in the Polytopia.

I think the emotional sleeve that we slide into is indeed what shapes our noetic understanding of our environment and existence, and what humanity has done and must continue to do through storytelling is to render accessible that subjective noetic understanding to others through empathic emotional methods.