Comment on Montevideo

Xaos Wed, Nov 26, 2008
Hello notthisdody, and thanks for elegant, interesting and thoughtful proposition.

“I think that emotional empathic sharing of a subjective experience is vital for consciousness expanding (by which I define for myself as tapping into common, shared experience and thereby gaining experience and wisdom from it)”

It is for many years (like most of us) that I am dealing and dwelling in the issue of communication, as a vehicle for shared understanding and as a vehicle for bringing forth a ‘higher’ or new form of understanding our selves.

And as seasons pass by, aggregated eventually into lines of wisdom, it seems to me that communication in its high and complex sense is infinitely expensive (though I do not mean it in the sense of bad news as much as in the sense of stepping into what it takes). Which may be the main reason why we develop so many ways to bypass the ‘reality’ of communication.
We are placing subjective and unique views in objectifying methods and, at times, we tend to forget that the sole purpose of it is not objectifying a reality, as rather, serving a flow of becoming, a shared becoming.

Stories are, in this sense, an apparatus of coordinating forces that serve a narrative of and for communication. There are of course many narratives for communication but here I am pointing at the narrative that serves the open-ended situation of understanding ourselves.

I hope that it is in echo with your words as in my reading, communication, is that which in essence is softening the lines of separation, allowing in graceful moments a merging of shared understanding and autopoiesis.

So, Montevideo and the stance it entails, that the singularity indeed has already happened and is in-happening, is a subjective and unique view, no more and no less, and in that I see its universality.

Now, the question is, what, if at all, will make it a shared understanding in progress?