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    Montevideo (part 2)
    Project: Polytopia
    "I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe." R. Buckminster Fuller


    Suddenly it is cold, so cold that for a glimpse of a moment motion is frozen, the sight utters warm and fancy, the moment irregularity is clearly a Blue-Moon happenstance. Between the old forgotten hypothesis of Prometheus and the new evolved version called AI, it is humanness that comes to rise up, pulling itself out by the future landing into the paths of past.

    Poiesis and Puting

    I love words, the story of words, the history of a word, and though I am familiar with the notion that words themselves are empty (but then what is not?), a word becomes an entity when in composition; it has a character, a taste and a sense. As an artist, I know words as matter, as color, as sound, as flow.

    Yet, above all, words are like doors. In timing they open a space, a crack in the matrix of interdependence, for intelligence, through consciousness, to adopt a new configuration, a new pattern that connects.

    The right word, in the right timing, in the right place… and the sense of opening is overwhelming. While in my studio, I know this when am hunting for colour. The right colour does the magic, the magic of transcending being into a flow.

    And so, I enter this virtual studio with a question - what is the verb of being?

    And we know the fallacy in the question. There is no verb to being, there is however a question, a pattern of relations that correlate the space of us/me with the space of all and everything.
    Now, I throw the question into that ‘pattern’. It is a personal question made of the stuff of intimacy. I am not here in search of the universal, I am however on the track of self-discovery.

    The state, the mind state, is changing in correspondence, matter is opening, undressing from a particular description and moving to a superimposed descriptive state, the ‘distance’ between potentiality to actuality gradually disappearing.

    While the silence is quickening I realize that actually the question is simple, as much as it is personal. In essence, I am asking what is the contextual action of the substance of me? What is the ‘middle’ of my longing?

    Two words are emerging. The first is ancient, the second is new, the ‘milieu’ of intelligence is changing, and now comes the work.

    The verb of being is Poiesis,

    The axis of Poiesis is Puting.

    Poïesis is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek term ποιέω, which means, "to make". This word, the root of our modern "poetry", was first a verb, an action that transforms and continues the world.

    Poiesis here means:

    The process of bringing a becoming into presence.

    Or in other words, the poietic-work of exposing the dynamics of thought-sensation to the spectrum of its possible actuations.

    Pute is etymologically derived from Latin, from the ancient term Putare, which means to cut, to clear, to clarify and to think. This word, the roots of our modern “computing”, is in short the act of making sense through calculation, the act of creating sense through re-iteration of correlations.

    Pute here means:

    In essence, the creative moment, the moment of puting brings forth a new sense into existence, that is a Mindful Creative Pregnancy.


    Poiesis, as the event of being, is the poietic work of exposing the dynamics of thought-sensation to the spectrum of its potentialities of actuation. The poietic work is that of bringing the dynamics of thought-sensation all the way, as changing states, from and through the possible, to the probable and the actual, via capturing, articulating and realizing. Poiesis if so is the artful ‘action’ of being, through which unpredictable becoming is exposed via a mindful creative moment. It is a love affair always fresh from tunneling the un-known while distilling the knowledge.

    Pute – A Mindful Creative Moment

    In the movie “Modigliani”, (2004), Director and Writer - Mick Davis, there is an interesting scene presenting seven artists standing in front of an empty Canvas full of the passion to paint a masterpiece that will take part in the Paris annual art competition. Modigliani tackles this work with the hope of creating a masterpiece, and knows that all the artists of Paris are doing the same. The scene unfolds in cinematographic language, the happenstance of a creative artistic moment seen through the drama between the artist and the empty Canvas.

    For many years I have been exploring the nature of those creative artistic moments, which though belonging to multiple landscapes and different contextual representations, have much in common. Whether it be an artist, a philosopher, a scientist, an engineer or a mystic, within his or her curriculum vitae of flow of cognitive-emotional life, we may find descriptions, stories and products of the creative moment.

    In my exploration whether by investigating others or within my experimental contour, I came to the understanding that such a moment is an axial property of being a human. Poiesis, the verb of being, the poietic work of exposing thought-sensations to their potentialities, is brought forth via the creative moment into an unpredictable becoming.

    The verb of this creative moment I call to pute,

    I like the sound of it, the taste of it on the tong, the flow of it,

    Pute, Puting,To pute,

    Pute in general is a mindful creative moment and pregnancy. It by all means does not belong exclusively to art, but to all domains of human intense activity. It is in this sense a property of being a human and a higher cognitive-emotional phenomenon. It will be sane to say that the consequences of those durational moments of Puting did play a momentous role in the life of giants in humanity and as a consequence in the life of others.

    Pute – Index of Being

    Definition - Pute is the verb of a Mindful Creative moment.

    Telos – Puting converges into a fragile, special and unique instance of knowing while riding an aesthetical sense.

    Nature – state of mindfulness riding oriented passion into the un-known at the edge of chaos.

    Being - Apex of puting is conception, through which being re-articulates itself, or expresses itself anew.

    Meta – Inputing is the keyhole for emergence of insightful thinking, creative articulation and the spectrum of rare moments that punctuate equilibrium - high lands of sight, epiphanies, vision and emotional awakenings.

    Dynamics - Merging into computational and intuitive composition of forces that awake a becoming which is unpredictable.

    Esthetics – asymmetry of interest coagulated with the symmetry of openness.

    Poetic – Puting is a Renaissance Machine of being.

    Example: To coin the word Pute I enter into a state of puting.

    Collective Puting (the future?)

    Cinema is an interesting case of collective-puting, a dynamic complex orchestration of masters at work. The movie is happening in the relations, overlapping multidimensional relations. The significant notion here is the criteria of the relation – adding dimensions to the collective – puting event.

    The movie making procedure is a collaboration of Puting-stations, to which each individual station is a unique and characterized mastership, yet, each station carries the precious knowledge of how it connects (in proximity) to all other stations.

    The movie emerges piece by piece in the middle, the dynamic intersection in which and through which the bottom-up interacts with the top-down; that is the ‘milieu’ at realization.

    I do know that there are a poly-manner ways of making a movie; in some, like in the case of Alfred Hitchcock, the actual making of the movie does not change the shape of the movie significantly. In others, like Federico Fellini, the making is where the movie is being shaped.
    This way or that way, there are many ways and different proportions, in which the individual puting station is related to collective-puting and vice versa. My point here is that exponential growth in connectivity via technology is leading us most probably to co-puting.

    Which puts us closer than ever in our shared poiesis, the exposure of a better us to its possibilities of actuation, in a better future in a better world.

    I do not come here for a moment to undermine the ultimate criticality of the individual puting station, rather, am pointing and hinting towards a unique and special case, that of collective-puting as an indication of the future and the future mind.

    It seems, that for the first time in human history we, as a collective, are converging into co-puting. We are collectively in a creative pregnancy entwined with the emergence of a new mind.

    Ensembles of puting stations are emerging. These ensembles are not homogeneous (as in the topos of polytopia); they are not exclusively related to one discipline, but they are animating in proximity in the same kind of frequency, they are pushing the same mind wave forward in proximity.


    It is dawn, now, caressed by the far rhythm of ocean waves, it is crisp and yet it is pregnant with thick and moist mist. It feels like being taken out of a context, the context of being my self. I know that sense quite intimately. I practiced it for many years and still the act of self-denial always on a balancing scale, never on solid ground. And so, I am increasing the volume of emotion and move bare footed from sensation to sensation, gathering the emotional sleeve pointing to an open ended horizon. I am slowly activating the organs of thought and steering the tension, I log into consciousness and silently observe the change in the ‘milieu’ of intelligence, and here, exactly here and again, I understand that I am not alone, a flaming wave, yes, but inseparable, and the memory is fast and hits me, it is:


    I am one moment into the Post Singularity Era (PSE).
    I am almost dis-qualified from being my self,
    Emergence of a future mind is the plan.

    To be continued…

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    Fast T     Sun, Dec 7, 2008  Permanent link
    The potency that takes shape and form in the piece you named Montevideo 2, the context which quickens the current of this moment of intelligence, touches on something so intimate and so wide.

    I value the sharing of it in the collective event here as an interactive Mindful Creative Moment.

    This articulation (or puting) is indeed beautifully drawing on some of the threads I consider most relevant in the unique situation of humanity, as the intelligent being in becoming.

    If ever a frustration has been indigenous to being a human, I'd say it is the discordant aspect of being potentially grand yet imbedded in a vessel of actuation as yet too lacking.

    To create a masterpiece in a concrete context or medium is but a fragmented shadow of what I think is every intelligent being's noble passion. And your clear portray of it does sweep in a tangible substance of deepening and articulating that passion.

    One of the phenomena I think can be observed throughout history is that lack of means (of actuation) drove us to elevate certain aspects of our very nature (cognitive emotional abilities) to the realm of myth, while hacking ferociously at the ties that bridge us to that realm.

    We are, as I experience it, facing in and out a fast moving dynamic horizon which accentuate a deep shift in prospects of creating new (and better) bridges of elevation. Such bridges, are a live fabric of being and doing (The poietic work) and are the landscape within and upon which indeed we perform what I consider the 'sane act' – the act of re-writing, re-forming, and correlating the flowing intelligence that is where we truly breath luxuriously with all of us and more.

    That is in essence my first reaction while coming to engage with the concept of Montevideo as you present it here and in your previous post.

    As to the possibility of a Collective Puting in the spirit of Polytopia, I shall say here in simplicity, it is too good a future so as not to give it my best.

    Morningstar     Thu, Dec 11, 2008  Permanent link
    The mind extracts intelligence from a mythical zone on the borders of chaos and putes new being into being, transforming an initial thought sensation into actual reality ….the life of art in the making....