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    Project: Polytopia
    And yet the future is already in our midst; it is the extending tendrils of a past, laying ahead of us. Addressing them with the substance of future is a conscious act of minding our own evolution. A transitory installation of our fragile freedom.
    (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    That which unites us

    That which unites us is that we do see far. The substance of far reaching sight is at the heart of our imagination and thus of our humanness.

    It is upon far reaching sight that we act in shaping ourselves, reminding, that reality is a thought in progress, never resting in present description but exuding of a knowledge exceeding itself.

    By turning our collective gaze towards the far ends of the now we find relevancy in language and meaning in communication. In understanding our tomorrow’s selves we unearth the ability to seal alliances of co-existence and alter pasts, rephrasing ‘the other’ from being ‘there’ to being native to our inner consortium.

    That which unites us is the motion of reaching out of ourselves. Claiming into existence new directions to articulate ourselves into the unknown is at the heart of being conscious and thus of our humanness.

    Whether reaching out in the direction of a spiritual portfolio of epiphanies or to ‘the other’, towards an artistic vision or through scientific tentacles, whether beyond the ordinary or beneath the foundations of thought, that which unites us is the motion of bridging forth our self-description, rephrasing finite grounds into infinite game, in all directions, the very story of being human.

    The extensible character of our being, capable of including the invisible paths ahead of us, reminds that humanness is unimpeded motion of realization, never resting in present form but in exposing the event of becoming.

    Consciously minding our own evolution is a daring narrative of our longings, a new stage in our vehicle for reaching out. Embracing it is to avoid being alienated from humanness, deepening our becoming in explicating the core nature of ourselves.

    We are an entanglement of un-ending mind, indefinite body, and a million interacting labs; a recursive cross-dimensional communication - an open evolutive event.
    (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    A Recursive Paradoxical Nature

    In our midst future is occurring, permeating us, falling, invading the now, carving spaces of longing for re-conceptualization, to accommodate our inherently conflicting nature.

    An echoing tune of liminality is crossing through. Our indeterminacy stretched upon a curve, lays between a previous moment, yet exceeding itself, and the next one, already transcending the image that produced it.

    In our midst is a recursive paradoxical nature, whose verb of realization alters the image of its production, nuancing the verb itself - the overly open ambiguity of a becoming itself in becoming.

    Yet, did we not cross it time and again in our manifold paths to the now, attempting to capture it and arrest it in our genes, bodies, and outstanding architectures of mind, sense and form?

    In our midst is an emerging space, exposing a synaptic dynamic community of fluid dimensionality, resilience in minding, at last. Minding our own future, thoroughly suggesting to steer once again the notion of ourselves, situating humanness as our conscious inquiry and not as a granted frame.

    In our midst a moment of creative pregnancy, crowding its infinite rooms not with the violence of pre-invading truth, but with softness in allowance; Knowing not subject from object, nor, convergence from departure, developing, in the shades, an aesthetic intelligence faster than conception.

    Searching not to settle itself into extracting the ‘David’ from the ‘marble’, the one David that our past inevitably suggests, but making the marble a fluid space of crossing possibilities.

    Arresting the exclusiveness of one locality from being the dock of consciousness; bargaining instead for openness of mind with which to set sail. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    Minding our own evolution

    Minding our own evolution is evolving the frame of evolution as we know it, proposing conscious aware directed selection, as taking its place in being a relevant counterpart to natural selection.

    It is by all means a conscious daring act of self-description, and one of no return at that, mainly because it pertains to openness, mindfulness and freedom, our innermost longed for coordinates of being.

    Renewing the question of ‘what, how and who we are?’ presents us with the urge of forging wisdom, an awakened eye that sees the story we tell, in all directions, as a double-edged becoming.

    As in the hand drawing its reflection, a minute change in the drawing eventually expands back to the hand itself, and thus alters the way the drawing is performed, and over again. A nature in flux is a recursive contradictive nature, a becoming itself in becoming. It indirectly yet profoundly, continuously and minutely influences its course.

    Future is a live and potent matter in describing ourselves, it is the medium for storytelling in embracing an emergence, it is the drive of a now in becoming. A double-edged blade that we realize we should bother to learn how to handle.

    By accepting and declaring entrance to the stage of minding our own evolution, we diverge from the common image of continuity, being in immigration procedure towards becoming in becoming. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)


    In Humanness as in Art

    The story of our nature, the nature of our story, is an entangled dynamics of becoming in becoming, reminding us, in art as in humanness, that the verb of being, nuancing itself, inter-evolves with its pattern of realization.

    That which unites us is our shared interest - being free to mind our own evolution and minding our own evolution as free beings - the art and the game-chart of being a human.

    And so, we came to realize the contradicting nature of storytelling, being the story an immersive pattern of convergence and yet, simultaneously an exit door in iteration towards the next departure. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    It is the story we tell about our minding, and the way we mind the story we tell that is in change, pulling, mutating, departing, converging; it is now, in days of longing.

    Longing, the ganglion of the futurist as that of the artist, the stuff upon which imagination glides and cares to deliver a change in the curriculum vitae of man.

    It Is Now

    To be continued..

    Image 1 – beyond human nature - by Olaf Schlote
    Image 2 – longing - by J.D Doria
    Image 3 – Düsseldorf 4 - by Spencer Tunick

    Tue, Mar 17, 2009  Permanent link
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    Morningstar     Tue, Mar 24, 2009  Permanent link
    Breathtaking and groundbreaking... thanks.
    Slowly absorbing into it. A turn of thought and description... a glimpse...
    We thought we were running to the future and instead, in this reality that is "thought in progress", we are bathing in the now, lapped in the dance of a rippling effect of an unknown future coming in, inundating our mindsets with a choice of necessity: that of evolving ourselves as we adjust to the speed of transformation, ripple by ripple, evolving the way we become as we tell ourselves its story, thus capturing the opportunity to refine in an art of being. A transparent bridge protended in the haze, forming according to our motion...
    We are already extending ourselves, testing and enhancing our ability to describe that which we become as we are becoming, only to supersede it in that "entangled dynamics of becoming in becoming, reminding us, in art as in humanness, that the verb of being, nuancing itself, inter-evolves with its pattern of realization".
    Loved it . Leaves you longing more of this "live and potent matter".