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    Montevideo (part 8)
    Project: Polytopia
    It is an open and never ending question, the yeast that animates the brush into a stroke and ‘me’ into a substantial adventure.

    It is the taste of a question, a shape without a form, a drive without a content, that makes my now, stirring the culture of my emotions, provoking a current existential need, that of articulating that sense of becoming perceived as ‘me’, while capturing a new event-horizon in the act.

    To the credo of today, ‘I am an individual’, and so are you, though together we are something much less clear (unless we define a-priori where to fit in). To that, I pause. It is the poetry of individuation that I am after, not the consequences of an epithet. But what is it that correlates, if at all, that sense of becoming, so undeniably intimate in us, to that flattering pointer - Individual?

    And so I ask, how are we to use the verb Individual?


    Within the creative event I read a radical difference in the ‘physics’ of the Individual. It is within the continuous creative process that one finds that he or she is not an indivisible unit, but rather is being bound to think in these terms. Within the creative event one finds identity - as one of many - to behave as a body of knowledge in the action of exceeding itself.

    It seems that in direct correlation to the mounting of intensity and the expansion of passion, the term ‘individual’ transforms its ontology and points to an ‘other’ conceptualized space, within which the architecture, disposition and function of the term alter the mundane reference to one-self. It is within the creative ritual, that of erasing the locality of self, that one logs-into aesthetic playing.

    While enveloped by the creative event, the indivisible central and ever present sense (of my self) is seamlessly replaced, emerging as a phase space of possibilities of self-description in exploration of itself, a motion of aesthetic sensibilities navigating between streams of thought and of emotions.

    The individual I am is a procedure. It is the operator of an entanglement of iterative relations, finding its multiplying folds of emergent meaning in casual and yet persistent interaction.

    And so, the creative process exposes the map of unstable layers of meaning, exploring volatile lines of correlation and longing, in which the artist finds open fields, faces and passion.

    Aesthetic Playing

    It is never about what there is (or isn’t), it is about what may arise, now. The now is a nomad land that calls for active arriving, a precarious substance between patterns of choice, an open gap for irregularity to mark a difference between yesterday and tomorrow.

    Wandering a nomad land we seek difference, yet a difference which is worthwhile condensing life for – I call it an aesthetic difference; Then we can embrace our selves as a continuous work in progress.

    By a motion and play of aesthetic sensibilities we tune in and carve our eventful experimental process of arriving. It is a lively, free, unimpeded motion that one taps into, capricious yet meticulous, yielding a nest for irregularities which is blind to directionality till arrival.

    It is only then, among stations of arrival, that aesthetic difference becomes available for conscious selection. An aesthetic play is an eventful process of producing irregularity, a precipitating core of spontaneous occurrence in the hands of conscious selection. Aesthetic play is the evolving drive altering the existing reflective circumstances of the Individual.

    And the growing roar of the cross-talk echoing through virtual halls is at moments not that unintelligible.


    Along corridors of words the realization keeps nagging, suggesting that ‘individual’ is a substance under questioning. It surfaces a view requesting a layer of meaning that is independent from the existing ones of specific ‘body’ or particular ‘identity’.

    Individual is neither divided nor undivided, it renders itself accessible as the ecology for an aesthetic creative procedure of producing identities, a flow-space never fully identified with any of the particular instances but rather with an over-arching image that reflects the act of becoming as exceeding the currency of identity.

    Individual is the locus and procedure of bringing into presence a continuous cross-talk between states; where a state represents a distinct volume of sense and cross-talk evokes the interference, coupling and eventful conversation taking place among distinct volumes of sense.

    Individual is the virtual enclosure integrating a cross-talk between distinct volumes of sense into a singular coherent act of becoming.

    The individual is a core reflective composition (eventful conversation) and a contour of a multitude of identities in motion; a flow-space that embodies the aesthetic play of correlating core and contour in an expanding dictionary of being.

    On the outer-rims the artist constantly meets the growing culture of identities as traces of an adventure, the adventure of drifting through the event horizon of the cross-talk between states, saying yes to all possible variations and yet animating through aesthetic sensibilities a singular shape of the flow as the individual ‘mind’.


    We are in actuality and presence a multitude of beings, yet one at a time. Being is a temporal shape of the cross-talk between clusters of states. Being rises to the state of entity, for the span of a moment, when the cross-talk is resonating into a shape. Individual is that which trails along the temporal shape.

    The inbound tension between being, as a resonating shape, and aesthetic creative motion, as an evolutionary drive, yields an open cross-event; open to constantly include new states.

    An individual is an event in progress that recursively recomposes itself with a difference. An open-ended ecology, embodying an open architecture of sense, a becoming, reflected as a long tail of identities.

    For, what is it that we are after? A future or an origin? My bets are that it is that sense of becoming, an open ended becoming exposed to all directions, selecting through the current narrative a tunnel of actuation.


    All of which entails diversity as an explorative adventure of the phase-space of being ‘an Individual’. It is this diversity that should not be reduced to statistics but rather be embraced and facilitated allowing a real jazz of becoming.

    The individual is not an icon for separation of distinct emotions and interests; it is a fresh plane and possible solution for containing diversity.

    A culture of individuals that at times behaves like a flock, at times behave as competing trends, at times surfaces differences that animate the palette of existing nuances, and at times reveals an entanglement of resonating echoes exciting the relation between descriptive circumstances and the play of aesthetic sensibilities into an outstanding work of art, of science, of technology, of being.


    In our time, the individual is what overlooks upon the cross-talk between times, and more than ever, signals from the future are partaking in the conversation, and we? We, as an individual and as individuals, are committing ourselves to mind our own evolution. We do not ask our gods and myths, nor our history of power, neither the circus of ignorance; we ask each other, we ask recursively, from within our iterative relations, our casual yet consistent interactions, our intelligent emotions. And suddenly, for a brief breath, ways are open and the individual is an open source community, and it is between you and me, the future of man.


    It is Now

    To be continued..

    Image 1 - “Entering the Work” by Giovanni Anselmo
    Image 2 - The 'other' Me by J.D. Doria
    Image 3 - Fractal Effervescence (2006), David April
    Image 4 - The contact by Philippe Ramette
    Image 5 - Chronology of Desire by J.D. Doria

    Thu, Nov 12, 2009  Permanent link
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    Ajar     Thu, Nov 12, 2009  Permanent link
    Xaos     Sat, Nov 14, 2009  Permanent link
    Soliton, It is a fine and much appreciated creative gesture, enriching the set of interactive options at our disposal, thank you.
    starwalker     Thu, Nov 19, 2009  Permanent link
    The verb ‘individual’, as you use it, ignites in my mind the question emerging a lot lately, that is which is the kind of language that can allow us to describe the on going times and transitions in a way that simultaneously keeps it intimate (as opposite to alien) and wide (as opposite to specific).
    Intimate so that events are close enough to ignite our intent/drive, and thus our ability to sustain a course, and allow us to reflect this course in 'correlation'. Wide enough to earn the capacity to accommodate, communicate and consider the complexity of a wildly big/diverse picture (maybe more accurate to say pictures) which till now was kind of not-visible, and that considerably influence scales of time and priorities.

    I find echoes of such language in the multiple relations between ‘individuals’ in this post. The layer of ‘you and me’ thrown upon the vastness of ‘the future of man’. The line walked between the intimate and the ‘many intimate’ as it recurs in the lines of Montevideo.
    A perspective that though unfamiliar in its ambiguity, ironically enough allows for an increase in sense in my mind. Almost a matter of life and death while immersed in the multiple ongoing polylogue that our networked lives are becoming. Love the endeavor of articulation..

    Morningstar     Sat, Nov 21, 2009  Permanent link
    We as evolving atomic particles englobing wider phase spaces, breaking through beyond orbits of initial capabilities, gaining momentum from the dancing play of syn-aesthetic intelligence and empathy…

    Wild dreams have crossed the plains of human fantasy and endeavour, wild realities are carrying the wave of those dreams to shores of freedom, cracking codes of fractal substance…

    Linking up to this flow is an intimate challenge. The scope of it… breathtaking….
    Love it