Comment on Montevideo (part 10)

Xaos Wed, Jan 13, 2010
Klaitner, thank you for your fine words; ephemeral and transitory nature is by all means part of the portfolio of sanity in my book.

With it, in the statement ‘human is a vision’, that which I am after is a conceptual tool, the distilling into words of a perspective fitting the times we are entering.

Human, as a vision signifying a space of becoming, provides in my eyes a fragile freedom emanating from the gap between our continuous coming to know and the frame situating that same knowing, so yes, ephemeral, but mostly open.

Readdressing openness, and not categorization, as core of the process by which we define ourselves, and using the tension of consciously minding our own evolution as our dynamic contour.
The future is opaque in the sense becoming, yet, today, more then ever, we can and we should influence that incomputable process of becoming.

It is upon that unpredictable difference that we project our selves, the world and mostly engage our minding capacities; with the working assumption that the human is a work in progress.

A work in progress, unfolds across micro shifts in the frame of thought-sensation, resulting, as a change of the mindset. The Human is a vision is a hand graffiti upon the walls of the work in progress.