Comment on Montevideo (part 10)

Fast T Mon, Jan 18, 2010
Perhaps in that we engage our intelligent direction slightly emptier of the more solidified boundaries our conceptual tools lined for us so far.

quantum computing and baysian graphs may help on the concretization of this fuzzy thought, it cannot cure the mental habit

I would suggest discerning between fuzzy thought (not sure what meaning you apply) and fuzzy description here. Whereas concentration isn't my purpose, broadening the meaning of direction certainly is.

If I understand correctly, you propose that openness and emptiness promote an expansion of the possible 'paths' one might take, an expansion of the possible interactions one can have (is this a reasonable interpretation of 'directions'?). Is this the cone of uncertainty in reverse?

I propose that direction isn't the conceptual propriety of solid orders. That its emergence, if openness (let's leave emptiness aside for the moment) is at play, may be allowed via intelligent minding. Such that evades the more predictable prospects of pre-ordained forms and formulas.

As for emptiness, it takes at least a tinge of it in terms of the mental and emotional mind-set to allow such emergence to be noticed in the first place and welcome in the after-math of minding. :)