Comment on Montevideo (part 10)

Xaos Tue, Jan 19, 2010
If Emptiness is the foundation of openness, what direction can there be?

Where else than in openness is the question of direction emerging? as reflective beings we heavily rely on the vital primacy of this question.

I believe that in our age exposing oneself to the circumstances in which the question arises becomes imperative, and I do not mean the localities of it as much as the meta-narratives.

My point is indeed to open the closure of ultimate question and ultimate answers, to expose a gap between the two, in constantly minding the gap we establishing a station of becoming within which the question of direction is answered by emergence.

Along the peaks of history rare minds moved across the question to deliver elegant and potent frames of mind, locating the human on a path. Liberation, evolution, civilization, progress, creation.. each a magnificent and imposing architecture, each a full frame of reference, each critical to our minding, yet none replacing it with a final answer.

Answers historically tend to acquire the status of unquestionable (unquestionable truth) and present themselves as categorically exclusive to each other, thus the tragic irony of our belief systems. In order to sustain such answers in place, and have a ‘sense’ of direction we are willing to restrict the paths available to the future.

Emptiness is a radical commodity cracking open the roots of our belief system, delivering us to shores of freedom which we are still in the very beginning of exploring.

The human as a vision is addressing the intersection in between openness and directionality. It is that intersection in my eyes that exposes the edge of our becoming. Not denying humanness but rather observing it as work in progress.

Direction in this level is emerging at the edge; it is unpredictable and necessitates a continuous calibration of aesthetic sensibility.

Direction is not (only) a one time setting (as in goal orientation) but more of a continuous accurate and quite vulnerable calibration.

When accepting this view, reactions spring from freshly metabolized pathways of a continuous minding, upon an open and un-obstructed edge; alternatively reactions spring from habit; or from anywhere else on the spectrum in between the two.

The consequences of openness; it allows us when in full engagement and in graceful moments to see the intersection between the end of us (limits) and potentiality, to overflow then within an event that may yield a new attractor in the autopoiesis of becoming.

thank you for raising the crucial points, the scope of this comment cover an initial reflection.