Comment on Montevideo (part 10)

klaitner Tue, Jan 19, 2010
"Where else than in openness is the question of direction emerging? "

hmm yessss.

"Along the peaks of history rare minds moved across the question to deliver elegant and potent frames of mind, locating the human on a path."

These frames are the gateless gates, no? Leading us along a path that does not exist, in order to orient beginner mind. How do we transition continuously to no mind? Can you get there from here or are we crossing a chasm?

"The human as a vision is addressing the intersection in between openness and directionality. It is that intersection in my eyes that exposes the edge of our becoming. Not denying humanness but rather observing it as work in progress. "

This is a comfortable place, but who is it that is observing?

"When accepting this view, reactions spring from freshly metabolized pathways of a continuous minding, upon an open and un-obstructed edge"

continuous and unobstructed, good adjectives

"The consequences of openness; it allows us when in full engagement and in graceful moments to see the intersection between the end of us (limits) and potentiality, to overflow then within an event that may yield a new attractor in the autopoiesis of becoming."

this intersection is the chasm I speak of, can we merely visit potentiality?