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    Suitcase For The Future

    A collective experiment in re-imagining the Human. A Question to interact:

    What would you take with you to the future?

    And what would you not?

    "A mind once stretched by new thoughts can never regain its original shape."
    Albert Einstein

    In deepening the immersion unto the growing coalition of forces with which we set sail towards a futuristic human, I thought to propose a line of teasing through which a collective portrait may emerge. Considering it as a poietic act of individuals sharing momentous care and merging threads of hope, by gathering passion and creativity, old and young spirits of revolution, foresight and intelligibility into this Collective Space and one cloud. And so, i am proposing a question to play with, to turn around, to stretch, to interact.

    A collective experiment in re-imagining the Human

    What would you take with you to the future?
    And what would you not?

    Would you take Friendship? Would you take your body? Would you take reproduction? What about sleep? And wine? Genders? Would you take abundance and leave behind scarcity? Would we take our fellow humans? Which concepts, which emotions, which ideas, which chapters in the global memory, which narrative, which visions, which states of mind?

    Words are not a necessary dogma. Please feel free to free-style.

    Image 1 - Suitcase Wheel by the Art Guys
    Image 3 - Beyond Human Nature - by Olaf Schlote

    Sun, Jan 24, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: Future, Futuristic Human, Experiment
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    rene     Sun, Jan 24, 2010  Permanent link
    I have always had a strong tendency to keep forgetting the past, taking along so few memories into the future that psychologists might look at it as a form of denial.

    Intellectually I have been guilty of a form of willful naivete which would allow me to perceive the world without pre-existing filters. And growing up I kept myself blissfully ignorant of the historical facts that preoccupied my elders and I only started to regularly use the past as a frame of reference in my work when it became easy to retrieve its artifacts on the internet.

    I have never quite understood what made me such a stranger to nostalgia and so hopelessly obsessed with the future. Especially since “being ahead of one’s time” has so often proven to be a predicament in this society. Nonetheless I continue to live in a world where I look at most everything as being dated before the fact; I appreciate culture only as a momentary expression of the zeitgeist which before long will overstay its welcome; and I'm often frustrated by the fact that brilliant conceptual notions are becoming obsolete by the time their implementation has caught up.

    Instead, thinking about the future, my mind tends to imagine a tabula rasa of potentialities that deny the past and the present their status of being a counterproductive fait accompli.

    I have never been a fan of the premise of Fahrenheit 451 whose characters were identified by the books they memorized for future preservation, and found that the parlour game of listing what one would like to take along to a desert island would almost inevitably become an exercise in nostalgia.

    As far as I'm concerned, all I’d like to bring along on the journey into the future suggested by this post, is a connection to the internet as it continues to advance, and perhaps the privilege to hang on to a few of the personal references and insights that are stored in my memory and inspire some of the oblique perceptions that presently masquerade as my “talent.”

    Xaos     Sun, Jan 24, 2010  Permanent link
    Inevitably the lines opening are many and engaging, Searching the luggage for items which carry a substantial consequence in becoming, they all converge me into an initial response:

    In my suitcase to the future I would take Dreaming and leave behind Disbelief.

    Dreaming I read as an intuitive imagination, a rare human intelligence, engendering fresh attractors that extend the curriculum of interest, re-charging well aged desire and smoothening the wrinkles of love.

    I leave behind Disbelief, our almost inherent distrust and easy disappointment in the factuality of minding and the ability to guide our becoming into sane lands.

    starwalker     Mon, Jan 25, 2010  Permanent link
    By all means entering the future without some kind of connection to the Web would be a non-option. Coming in close contact with the multiplicity of voices and its complex patterns seems to be one of the media our brain is currently using to extend its convolutions.

    I would be very interested though to step into a future human/ity that could afford to free its innate sense of wonder and awe from the concept of God and gods in general. Freeing the space of becoming from an all mighty designer, or sovra-human designers, that have it anthropomorphically all figured out and can take care of our moral direction.

    Leaving behind the concept of god I would take with me quite a full luggage (because I don’t think it is that easy to do without); our humane almost bottomless passion for insight and for breakthrough indeed, though I would add to it in critical entanglement intelligent empathy, that as humans we finally harvest the ability to create and navigate, using both insight and empathy, further ways to aesthetically co-exist.
    Xaos     Mon, Jan 25, 2010  Permanent link
    As a gesture of respect I thought to attach to your words a fragment from an interview with Lucio Fontana when he speaks about the Hole as a dimension. It is echoing with me.

    So, if any of my discoveries are important, the hole is. By hole I mean going outside the limitations of a picture frame and being free in one's conception of art. A formula like: 1+1+2. I did not make holes in order to wreck the picture.

    On the contrary, I made holes in order to find something else.

    They were never understood.

    They use to say that I ripped up canvases, destroyed things and wanted to break the rules. But that's not true.

    Once an American in Venice said to me, "you're the spatialist" but you don't understand about spaces.

    I said, who are you anyway?

    Later he got to know me, but he did not ever understand anything about me.

    But how can you understand space, we have Arizona. There is space for you! So I said to him, look, if it comes to that, I come from South America and we have the Pampas! Which is twice the size of your Arizona!

    I am not interested in the kind of space you are talking about mine is a different dimension.

    The hole is this dimension.

    I say dimension because I cannot think what other word to use. I make a hole in the canvas in order to leave behind me the old pictorial formulae, the painting and the traditional view of art - and I escape symbolically, but also materially, from the prison of the flat surface.

    I believe in man's intelligence - it is the only thing in which I believe, more so than in God, for me God is man's intelligence - I am convinced that the man of the future will have a completely new world.

    (edited from: Studio International 1972)

    gamma     Mon, Jan 25, 2010  Permanent link
    Well, the Manhattan could be the prison island they said it were. In that case, being outside but within the New York that stretches to Tokyo, I wouldn't worry about my suitcase full of DVDs. I could collapse the problematic societies into Manhattan. I would take the vivid images from the past and the artistic movies rolled into one of those snailing tower cities-in-one, where time slows down near the center or wherever.
    leili     Mon, Jan 25, 2010  Permanent link
    There is a common value, embedded in the intermediating quality of imagining the future and making hi[her]story from the past. This value acts like a narrator that guides awareness to stretch beyond now, in order to realize the potentials of present time, and/or to crumble into alternatives, depending on the grounds of intelligence and talent for handling the case.
    In my ode to the future, my suitcase carries a lightweight dream and provides the journey with leisure. Leisure here means the presence of calmness, wonder and joy amidst the void of anger, sadness, and disgust! I imagine this to be the mindbed that provides opportunity for human intelligence to lift its fabric beyond the centrifugal effects of spacetime on our psyche.

    My case carries:
    - no belief in nationalism, I find it a source to create more trauma and tragedy and take the belief in a higher invisible power, for the elegance of its factuality. We are experiencing the absolute existence of an expanding wisdom and we are each parts of that power; But nations create walls and separate languages and so will be loosing their sovereignty due to their artificiality.

    - the skill to create harmonic sounds to express emotions, and leave the complexity of grammar behind.

    - the ability to do magic tricks, instead of telling stories.
    sjef     Tue, Jan 26, 2010  Permanent link
    You're going to take a suitcase into the future? I'd prefer something load bearing & modular with better mobility & weight distribution. Something that packs down if I don't need all the space.

    Everyone that travels a lot will tell you that when it comes to packing, less is more. Do you really even want to be checking luggage at all? It's a pain in the ass, you have to lug it around, it gets lost, and you probably didn't actually need most of it anyway.

    To continue abusing the metaphor, when you think about it in a material sense you are already constantly taking everything you own with you into the future. Filling fantasy luggage with abstracts is fine as an exercise, but you can also think about how you can manifest a material impact on your future now by reorganizing your immediate surroundings.

    See the last Veridian Note for a much more expanded view on this. I enjoyed that piece a lot when I got around to reading it a few months back, as it verbalizes ideas & describes a process I've already had to go through a couple of times moving back & forth across the planet.

    Stealing from there, here's how you could go about deciding what to take into the future:

    You will need to divide your current possessions into four major categories.

    1. Beautiful things.
    2. Emotionally important things.
    3. Tools, devices, and appliances that efficiently perform a useful function.
    4. Everything else.

    "Everything else" will be by far the largest category. Anything you have not touched, or seen, or thought about in a year – this very likely belongs in "everything else."


    "Everything else" should not be in your immediate environment, sucking up your energy and reducing your opportunities. It should become a fond memory, or become reduced to data.

    Read the whole bit here.
    Fast T     Tue, Jan 26, 2010  Permanent link
    What would you take with you to the future?

    And what would you not?

    Many threads jump up and 'beg' for attention, I will randomly go with the most tempting right now.

    I'd like to leave behind being hung-up on certainty and take to the future a better suitability to an ongoing iteration on a theme which has only an imaginary nuclei. I hope such future will facilitate a rapid (or slow, as the case may be) motion between different themes without the pains and violence we know throughout history.

    I would also like to leave behind all responses to circumstances that beget tyranny, coerciveness, segregation and their kin (without a 'certainty-complex', I assume that would be easier to attend:).

    Under the first notion, whether body is included or not, what I'd like to carry is the pleasure of overlapping states of distinct difference (as for instance having a body renders us today). I think these are rich soil for intelligent emergences.

    Under the second notion, whether genders persist or not, or for that matter, sexual reproduction, I'd like us as a specie to mature so that such circumstances are no longer ground for oppression, discrimination and so on. (so, I guess I'd like to lose the history of these particulars but don't deem it necessary to forsake them altogether).

    gamma     Tue, Jan 26, 2010  Permanent link
    I am not sure that I like one thing that I am not seeing very often when it comes to ... people in the surrounding. Don't you have important memories? concrete memories, devotion and do you not build on the memories, improve ideas, etc? I would like to enlarge my memory capacity.

    I carry a lot of things in my gigantic suitcase and with pride. I take 20 T-shirts and 20 of everything to the sea side.

    We could run a test and see how dust develops over things in my apartment. When is the distribution of empty spaces going to be large enough to clean the dust quickly? What corners are left untouched for long periods? Which space is big enough to say: leave it as is, it is nature (like in a hangar, where little dust won't matter)?
    Wildcat     Thu, Jan 28, 2010  Permanent link
    leave behind: the neolithic mindset
    take into the future: emptiness-openess

    “Emptiness is not something sacred in which to believe. It is an emptying: a letting go of the fixations and compulsions that lock one into a tight cell of self that seems to exist in detached isolation from the turbulent flux of life.”
    — Stephen Batchelor
    Morningstar     Sun, Jan 31, 2010  Permanent link
    The whole question itself is a question of life in motion…
    The capacity of dream is connected in my mind to emptiness,
    in that emptiness begets dreams and realities
    in that emptiness begets futures…
    and somehow its connected to what Rene mentioned as of coming to that incessant straining/stretch towards the future, always with a tabula rasa, which is what allows one to dream futures anew. Being open is not always easy matter yet it is a door for lovers of extendedness and freedom…
    To me interconnectedness has always been a key component, the quintessence of evolutive design, very much related to empathy and intimacy, and also to nourishing of fertile intelligence.
    That we can do it is the challenge merged in an I/we/you.
    And if the internet were to fall for a day or two or more, an event which would leave me/us/you somewhat awash, I yet and truly believe that we have achieved a capacity to tune in to something of a pulsing neural/ephemeral netmind nature that is bigger and beyond ourselves which leaves us not, alone. A true new shift in ways of reaching out into the unknown.
    It is simultaneously I and not I that can look/fathom into the figment of my/our/your imagination, flowering deeper and deeper into the opening recesses of new vistas, like through Mandelbrot keyholes, to dream, design, conjure up realities of our dreams in an autopoietic motion that Xaos has so oft evoked.
    Be it hard rock café or ephemeral shadow-light of an empty openness, we are in this together, and we can dance the night away…
    jazzmann91     Sat, Feb 13, 2010  Permanent link
    The near future is a brighter now, coming soon. At least until all the stars burn out, then it'll be dark. I'd bring darkness for the near distant future and light for the far, it's really all you need. :-)
    Ivory Willis     Thu, Dec 16, 2010  Permanent link
    A suitcase full of dreams. It is quite small and handful; when you open it, it seems to be sticky but there is a certain energy in there, a flux, an entanglement of synapses, an astounding net of imaginations... Everyone carries their own skull shaped suitcase.

    Contradictions are all welcome. Fluctuations. Differences. Multiplicity. Randomness.

    And music.