Comment on Suitcase For The Future

starwalker Mon, Jan 25, 2010
By all means entering the future without some kind of connection to the Web would be a non-option. Coming in close contact with the multiplicity of voices and its complex patterns seems to be one of the media our brain is currently using to extend its convolutions.

I would be very interested though to step into a future human/ity that could afford to free its innate sense of wonder and awe from the concept of God and gods in general. Freeing the space of becoming from an all mighty designer, or sovra-human designers, that have it anthropomorphically all figured out and can take care of our moral direction.

Leaving behind the concept of god I would take with me quite a full luggage (because I don’t think it is that easy to do without); our humane almost bottomless passion for insight and for breakthrough indeed, though I would add to it in critical entanglement intelligent empathy, that as humans we finally harvest the ability to create and navigate, using both insight and empathy, further ways to aesthetically co-exist.