Comment on Suitcase For The Future

Xaos Mon, Jan 25, 2010
As a gesture of respect I thought to attach to your words a fragment from an interview with Lucio Fontana when he speaks about the Hole as a dimension. It is echoing with me.

So, if any of my discoveries are important, the hole is. By hole I mean going outside the limitations of a picture frame and being free in one's conception of art. A formula like: 1+1+2. I did not make holes in order to wreck the picture.

On the contrary, I made holes in order to find something else.

They were never understood.

They use to say that I ripped up canvases, destroyed things and wanted to break the rules. But that's not true.

Once an American in Venice said to me, "you're the spatialist" but you don't understand about spaces.

I said, who are you anyway?

Later he got to know me, but he did not ever understand anything about me.

But how can you understand space, we have Arizona. There is space for you! So I said to him, look, if it comes to that, I come from South America and we have the Pampas! Which is twice the size of your Arizona!

I am not interested in the kind of space you are talking about mine is a different dimension.

The hole is this dimension.

I say dimension because I cannot think what other word to use. I make a hole in the canvas in order to leave behind me the old pictorial formulae, the painting and the traditional view of art - and I escape symbolically, but also materially, from the prison of the flat surface.

I believe in man's intelligence - it is the only thing in which I believe, more so than in God, for me God is man's intelligence - I am convinced that the man of the future will have a completely new world.

(edited from: Studio International 1972)