Comment on Suitcase For The Future

leili Mon, Jan 25, 2010
There is a common value, embedded in the intermediating quality of imagining the future and making hi[her]story from the past. This value acts like a narrator that guides awareness to stretch beyond now, in order to realize the potentials of present time, and/or to crumble into alternatives, depending on the grounds of intelligence and talent for handling the case.
In my ode to the future, my suitcase carries a lightweight dream and provides the journey with leisure. Leisure here means the presence of calmness, wonder and joy amidst the void of anger, sadness, and disgust! I imagine this to be the mindbed that provides opportunity for human intelligence to lift its fabric beyond the centrifugal effects of spacetime on our psyche.

My case carries:
- no belief in nationalism, I find it a source to create more trauma and tragedy and take the belief in a higher invisible power, for the elegance of its factuality. We are experiencing the absolute existence of an expanding wisdom and we are each parts of that power; But nations create walls and separate languages and so will be loosing their sovereignty due to their artificiality.

- the skill to create harmonic sounds to express emotions, and leave the complexity of grammar behind.

- the ability to do magic tricks, instead of telling stories.