Comment on Suitcase For The Future

sjef Tue, Jan 26, 2010
You're going to take a suitcase into the future? I'd prefer something load bearing & modular with better mobility & weight distribution. Something that packs down if I don't need all the space.

Everyone that travels a lot will tell you that when it comes to packing, less is more. Do you really even want to be checking luggage at all? It's a pain in the ass, you have to lug it around, it gets lost, and you probably didn't actually need most of it anyway.

To continue abusing the metaphor, when you think about it in a material sense you are already constantly taking everything you own with you into the future. Filling fantasy luggage with abstracts is fine as an exercise, but you can also think about how you can manifest a material impact on your future now by reorganizing your immediate surroundings.

See the last Veridian Note for a much more expanded view on this. I enjoyed that piece a lot when I got around to reading it a few months back, as it verbalizes ideas & describes a process I've already had to go through a couple of times moving back & forth across the planet.

Stealing from there, here's how you could go about deciding what to take into the future:

You will need to divide your current possessions into four major categories.

1. Beautiful things.
2. Emotionally important things.
3. Tools, devices, and appliances that efficiently perform a useful function.
4. Everything else.

"Everything else" will be by far the largest category. Anything you have not touched, or seen, or thought about in a year – this very likely belongs in "everything else."


"Everything else" should not be in your immediate environment, sucking up your energy and reducing your opportunities. It should become a fond memory, or become reduced to data.

Read the whole bit here.