Comment on Suitcase For The Future

Fast T Tue, Jan 26, 2010
What would you take with you to the future?

And what would you not?

Many threads jump up and 'beg' for attention, I will randomly go with the most tempting right now.

I'd like to leave behind being hung-up on certainty and take to the future a better suitability to an ongoing iteration on a theme which has only an imaginary nuclei. I hope such future will facilitate a rapid (or slow, as the case may be) motion between different themes without the pains and violence we know throughout history.

I would also like to leave behind all responses to circumstances that beget tyranny, coerciveness, segregation and their kin (without a 'certainty-complex', I assume that would be easier to attend:).

Under the first notion, whether body is included or not, what I'd like to carry is the pleasure of overlapping states of distinct difference (as for instance having a body renders us today). I think these are rich soil for intelligent emergences.

Under the second notion, whether genders persist or not, or for that matter, sexual reproduction, I'd like us as a specie to mature so that such circumstances are no longer ground for oppression, discrimination and so on. (so, I guess I'd like to lose the history of these particulars but don't deem it necessary to forsake them altogether).