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    Montevideo (The part with color)
    Project: Polytopia


    The creative process emerged with the writing of Montevideo, here on Space Collective, and the dialogue that accompanied it, took me to quite a tour, urging me to explore unmarked intersections of abstraction, time and expression. A culmination of it is a new body of works, which I decided to first expose here in SC, and that will be exhibited this month in a solo in TA.

    The ‘middle’ of my longing?

    This body of works represents as a whole an approximate answer to the question that is an axis of reference for me through multiple fields. A cluster of questions to be more precise, for it always varies slightly, that accompanies me on the escape route from the ontology of identity, out of the local and binary.
    Ask, and then again, asked, what is the “middle” of my longing?

    Anarchy is an Aesthetic Necessity

    The idea fundamental to this process I call Aesthetic-Anarchy; a conscious avant-post to the mainstream of identity.

    Anarchy in greek means without archon, where archon is the name designating one of the nine chief magistrates of ancient Athens, and a synonym to ‘Leader’; etymologically speaking Anarchy means the absence of localized authority.

    I do not read it as chaos as much as a mind situation in which authority stands as an open system of conscious deliberation. Authority in any given context is a conscious assignment that is never final or fixed; it does not collapse upon a specific locality, self or other, but rather stands as an arena of individuation. Given such an arena of enhanced reflection, aesthetics can be understood as a particular style of individuation and mind composition.

    In my proposition Aesthetic is an action, the (conscious) action of becoming another. The poietic and experimental action of self-creation, that fertilizes it self through change. The absence of fixed and absolute authority in mind is in fact an aesthetic necessity.

    Aesthetic Anarchy

    Aesthetic-Anarchy is a core attitude of mind charged with experimental restlessness. Its working assumption is that existing systems of order, mind order, maintain their power by producing a dichotomy between the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the subconscious. Language as a system of representation preserves the binary aspect of thinking and perception, while Aesthetic-Anarchy exposes the state of affair of duration and continuum between the invisible and the visible. It appears on the borderline and brings into presence the dynamic relation of between.

    Escaping from the stable separation and hierarchy between the visible and the invisible, aesthetic anarchy allows creativity and imagination to become the force that undermines the existing situation of a matrix of order, and to be the existential texture of a becoming.

    Future is the Muse of Alternatives

    Aesthetic is a narrative of becoming, a corridor between history the provider of a canon, the background and texture used to articulate a difference, and future which is constantly present as a web of potential articulations and yield itself as an inspirational muse for alternatives.
    The works are a distilled view of reflections sharpening into the gap between silence and creation, between the one and the many, between breakthrough and collapse, a profile of poetic cracks, allowing nomadic motion entangled with a dream without a name.


    I use the circle as a constant symbol for monothematic authority, in contrast with the multiplicity of open edges that forever disintegrate the domestication of life. Across human history the circle stands as the high symbol of perfection, in itself a requisite for Beauty. To Aristotle "perfect" meant "complete" ("nothing to add or subtract").

    The circle, here, metaphorically speaking, stands for the conditions in which the knowledge in us is faster in addressing our thought than our creative-imagination processes. Aesthetic-Anarchy is therefore a stance at the roots of re-creation, charged with the substance of silence. A constant reminder that authority in minding is a very subtle and influencive substance.


    The name Montevideo (I see a mountain) I choose not because metaphorically speaking it is breaking out of a limbo situation into some sort and style of revelation, but on the contrary, to signify, in a way, the situation before the occurrence of a ‘Montevideo’.
    The situation in which one is charged not with confidence, but with uncertainty. When the distance between catastrophe and breaking through is made of the fragile carving of individuation. It is indeed an uncomfortable home, a home always on fire, and yet animating profoundly the expressivity of silence.

    It Is Now
    To be continued…

    (I wish to thank starwalker for the sober dialogue along the writings)

    Image 1 – Montevideo - by JD Doria
    Image 2 - On love and brain - by JD Doria
    Image 3 - I am a thousand selves - by JD Doria
    Image 4 - Aesthetic Anarchy - by JD Doria
    Image 5 - 23andMe - by JD Doria
    Image 6 - Genesis 2068 - by JD Doria

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    Apollo     Tue, Nov 16, 2010  Permanent link
    Amazing! I really like your work as well as the written thoughts accompanying it. Very interesting.