Comment on The Aesthetic Ground (part 3)

Wildcat Thu, Jan 19, 2012
"We need to rethink intelligent operation in a soft universe, extraction of singular states out of flowing streams, instantaneous processes of reconstructing mindsets together with the art and science of curating becoming.

It is Aesthetics that provides us the grounds to a new system of navigation."

Fantastic writing Xaos, thank you, one of the best contributions to the Polytopia Vision of aesthetics perspective and perception. I do believe that in this post you are laying the groundwork, or more accurately an infrastructure or pathway by which we can follow the breadcrumbs left by artistic manifestations to help us navigate the chaotic waters of the motion into virtuality.

I am very much with you in the issue of softening, though if truth must be told, I think that what we can see in the world is a simultaneous and quite conflicting direction, in which some of us are moving into the softening you describe whilst others are moving away (or back) into a hardening of contours trying to cling to past ideas.

the question of course is in what fashion do you see the function of the artist in the coming future as protagonist of a cultural softening or do you think this motion is inherently inevitable and all will align eventually no matter what we do?