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    Seeking Purity

    Article about J.D Doria (Xaos) that was published today at the Manifesto magazine in Hong Kong.

    by Gili Karev

    Doria Joseph Drori, also known as J.D. Doria, is an Israeli interdisciplinary artist. His abstract art works are an amalgamation of liquid materials, technology, photography and philosophy.

    Sublime, organic, molecular, transcendent. These are only some of the words that come to mind when looking at J.D. Doria’s captivating images; images that simultaneously appease our undying quest for beauty and perplex our symmetrical inclinations. Hailing from Israel, a nation suspended between order and chaos, Doria’s art represents that which essentially eludes representation: the flux of life, in all its consistent and ever-changing glory.

    Fittingly, Doria’s art is a product of multiplicity. Using a medley of acrylic, ink, glass colours and water on paper, fragments of Doria’s creative process are then captured by a camera suspended above the page. Like drops of water on flat glass, the colours and consistencies move freely, interacting with each other incidentally as they remain in constant movement and modification. The photographic images are then fed into a 3-D scanner, where particles of each larger image are extrapolated and turned into a single frame. In many cases, the extrapolated fragment is hardly perceptible in the context of the original painting. Once disengaged, each portion becomes a world unto itself, an atom in a galaxy. read more

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