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    The case with friends
    Project: Polytopia

    The case with friends, lovers and universes

    Somehow, somewhere, we carry this idea that behind everything there is a logic that we can comprehend, that our thought embedded in languages is capable of devising a description of the world, a description that contains the world? And yet the great poets remind us that the mystery of substance is uncontainable in words and language, though sometimes for a brief moment it does rumble in a state, a mode of mind realization. Armed with both clashing beacons (describing the indescribable and that mind is not arrested in mind) we occupy the action space of contemplation. Then from time to time a description emerges, a principle is articulated, man enters history-making procedure and the ‘flow’ of our collective thought and actions bends in accordance. The universe comes to know itself through its explorative agents, but then again we touch the indefinite depth, which reminds us that life, substance and intelligence does not necessarily follow our lead. The universe of mind gives itself to us for a moment, only to jump farther into itself. It is, after all, like a dance between real lovers and friends, every gesture of the one becomes the new ground upon which the ‘other’ outmatches itself and expands into far horizon. Isn’t the case with friends, lovers and universes? (From notes on expanding forms)

    *From the series Cogitating Ferocities
    *Image - from the Petri-Dish project by J.D Doria

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