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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...

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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    And yet the future is already in our midst; it is the extending tendrils of a past, laying ahead of us. Addressing them with the substance of future is a conscious act of minding our own evolution. A transitory installation of our fragile freedom.
    (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    That which unites us

    That which unites us is that we do see far. The substance of far reaching sight is at the heart of our imagination and thus of our humanness.

    It is upon far reaching sight that we act in shaping ourselves, reminding, that reality is a thought in progress, never resting in present description but exuding of a knowledge exceeding itself.

    By turning our collective gaze towards the far ends of the now we find relevancy in language and meaning in communication. In understanding our tomorrow’s selves we unearth the ability to seal alliances of co-existence and alter pasts, rephrasing ‘the other’ from being ‘there’ to being native to our inner consortium.

    That which unites us is the motion of reaching out of ourselves. Claiming into existence new directions to articulate ourselves into the unknown is at the heart of being conscious and thus of our humanness.

    Whether reaching out in the direction of a spiritual portfolio of epiphanies or to ‘the other’, towards an artistic vision or through scientific tentacles, whether beyond the ordinary or beneath the foundations of thought, that which unites us is the motion of bridging forth our self-description, rephrasing finite grounds into infinite game, in all directions, the very story of being human.

    The extensible character of our being, capable of including the invisible paths ahead of us, reminds that humanness is unimpeded motion of realization, never resting in present form but in exposing the event of becoming.

    Consciously minding our own evolution is a daring narrative of our longings, a new stage in our vehicle for reaching out. Embracing it is to avoid being alienated from humanness, deepening our becoming in explicating the core nature of ourselves.

    We are an entanglement of un-ending mind, indefinite body, and a million interacting labs; a recursive cross-dimensional communication - an open evolutive event.
    (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    A Recursive Paradoxical Nature

    In our midst future is occurring, permeating us, falling, invading the now, carving spaces of longing for re-conceptualization, to accommodate our inherently conflicting nature.

    An echoing tune of liminality is crossing through. Our indeterminacy stretched upon a curve, lays between a previous moment, yet exceeding itself, and the next one, already transcending the image that produced it.

    In our midst is a recursive paradoxical nature, whose verb of realization alters the image of its production, nuancing the verb itself - the overly open ambiguity of a becoming itself in becoming.

    Yet, did we not cross it time and again in our manifold paths to the now, attempting to capture it and arrest it in our genes, bodies, and outstanding architectures of mind, sense and form?

    In our midst is an emerging space, exposing a synaptic dynamic community of fluid dimensionality, resilience in minding, at last. Minding our own future, thoroughly suggesting to steer once again the notion of ourselves, situating humanness as our conscious inquiry and not as a granted frame.

    In our midst a moment of creative pregnancy, crowding its infinite rooms not with the violence of pre-invading truth, but with softness in allowance; Knowing not subject from object, nor, convergence from departure, developing, in the shades, an aesthetic intelligence faster than conception.

    Searching not to settle itself into extracting the ‘David’ from the ‘marble’, the one David that our past inevitably suggests, but making the marble a fluid space of crossing possibilities.

    Arresting the exclusiveness of one locality from being the dock of consciousness; bargaining instead for openness of mind with which to set sail. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    Minding our own evolution

    Minding our own evolution is evolving the frame of evolution as we know it, proposing conscious aware directed selection, as taking its place in being a relevant counterpart to natural selection.

    It is by all means a conscious daring act of self-description, and one of no return at that, mainly because it pertains to openness, mindfulness and freedom, our innermost longed for coordinates of being.

    Renewing the question of ‘what, how and who we are?’ presents us with the urge of forging wisdom, an awakened eye that sees the story we tell, in all directions, as a double-edged becoming.

    As in the hand drawing its reflection, a minute change in the drawing eventually expands back to the hand itself, and thus alters the way the drawing is performed, and over again. A nature in flux is a recursive contradictive nature, a becoming itself in becoming. It indirectly yet profoundly, continuously and minutely influences its course.

    Future is a live and potent matter in describing ourselves, it is the medium for storytelling in embracing an emergence, it is the drive of a now in becoming. A double-edged blade that we realize we should bother to learn how to handle.

    By accepting and declaring entrance to the stage of minding our own evolution, we diverge from the common image of continuity, being in immigration procedure towards becoming in becoming. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)


    In Humanness as in Art

    The story of our nature, the nature of our story, is an entangled dynamics of becoming in becoming, reminding us, in art as in humanness, that the verb of being, nuancing itself, inter-evolves with its pattern of realization.

    That which unites us is our shared interest - being free to mind our own evolution and minding our own evolution as free beings - the art and the game-chart of being a human.

    And so, we came to realize the contradicting nature of storytelling, being the story an immersive pattern of convergence and yet, simultaneously an exit door in iteration towards the next departure. (from the ‘petit manifesto’)

    It is the story we tell about our minding, and the way we mind the story we tell that is in change, pulling, mutating, departing, converging; it is now, in days of longing.

    Longing, the ganglion of the futurist as that of the artist, the stuff upon which imagination glides and cares to deliver a change in the curriculum vitae of man.

    It Is Now

    To be continued..

    Image 1 – beyond human nature - by Olaf Schlote
    Image 2 – longing - by J.D Doria
    Image 3 – Düsseldorf 4 - by Spencer Tunick

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    The crucial subject matter that crosses paths with the current evolution of technology is that of our mindset. Changing a mindset is an aesthetic collective action.


    Existing, as we are, in between a sand clock that is running out and the early bursting of wings readying us to mind our own evolution, calls in my mind for the daring edge embedded in our aesthetic sense. While lingering in a momentary balance upon the fence of incoming future I ask, is the aesthetic sense that we develop and attune to, while carving it across the chambers of our collective space, a parameter in computing how sound are the paths to tomorrow? In deciding which sanity shall we walk side by side?

    Aesthetics as an outpost of being

    Aesthetics I see as an outpost of being, that brings forth the notion of beauty, as an active restless substance, in the poietic meticulous work of being alive.

    When unleashed our Aesthetic sense is an experimental station, free from the useful and the necessary, established at a distance from the main stream and body of perception.

    A fragile and non-evident instance of knowing, a volatile raft into the yet unknown, steering the “undisclosed content” of the moment with a double-edged activity, that of folding-out our selves, and that of folding-in, among the odds of time, a shape of infinity; which in rare times of grace merge as a singular sense.

    When the moment is yielding, a singular sense crowns - a singular (as distinct from common) sense is realized - then, a pole of attraction has been created, serving the mindset with a key for reshaping itself in-tune.

    And if so, aesthetics, emerging in us as a daring subjective process, crosses over from the discreet and the randomly experimental into the continuous, wide and constructive.

    Aesthetics - Laboratory of singular Sense-Making

    Our aesthetic sense I see if so as a “laboratory of singular sense-making” – both of a conscious being and of a collective space. Out of which a singular sense emerges and appears as a “potent difference” in the milieu of intelligence.

    It serves as a cue for new patterns to emerge in the field of perception and recompose the actual. It is the way an occurrence is woven into the state of affairs and becomes a change. In this sense, aesthetics carries the open-ended aspect of perception.

    Aesthetics is the mode with which we plunge, and become engaged in contact; trading the surface of the known for the constant flowing of a multi-streamed mystery.

    Encountering the singular provokes a metamorphosis in our understanding, disrupting the sense of constancy; the entropic rhyme participating with the open-ended beings we are.
    Placing Art not fully in the object, nor fully realized through an object, but rather, placing Art as ground of Being.

    Shuddering the prison of familiarity, bringing into presence the non-existing moment of the now, to be an active conscious junction, a pulsating bifurcating aware space.

    We bring our aesthetic sense into play, maturing the event of being into an artful doing, declaring Art as a natural characteristic of our humanness.

    Aesthetics – Conscious sculpting and sculpting Consciousness.

    The question is where do we place a doing?

    Is it in the streets, on the table of thoughts, in the studio of art, or in the roaring wave of technology? Or is it maybe in the interconnected web of it all and of us all.

    Once we had the notions that separate the doer from the thinker, the individual from a collective. Those notions of separation are some of the building blocks of the way our conscious activity has been framed.

    It is in the aesthetic mélange of the thinker and the doer, thinking and doing, individual and collective, that new notions emerge and become cues for a new architecture of conscious activity.

    Placing the subject matter of changing a mindset within the frame and possibilities of consciousness, is an aesthetic act, that places doing in the networked streets of the city of consciousness.

    Consciousness is a mystery to us, yes, but nevertheless, we do sculpt our consciousness, individually and collectively, and with it and in it we are sculpted.

    Aesthetics as an outpost of being, that embeds a laboratory of singular sense making, is a doing, a conscious doing and a doing of consciousness.

    Time for upturning

    These days it seems we do not have the time for revolutions anymore, too many have we seen not to know their contingency. Time is running out on us. My take on it is that revolutions evolve (or should evolve) in correspondence with the times at play.

    I believe we are and behold a revolution that is fitting to our times. A revolution of aesthetic sense, taking cues from a shared outpost of being, pushing the frame of our universe by the unpredictability of multiple aesthetical narratives.

    Beauty is a live substance, emerging, if at all, in the gaps and crevices of our existence, unexpectedly hovering the abysmal currents between the tale of our genes and the stubborn ascents of our dreams.

    A daring subjective process and a fleeting truth, I believe we use beauty as a system of orientation, guiding ourselves in sculpting a future, and letting plausible futures forge our today.
    It is now that our notion of beauty is changing. Is it the jazz in our becoming or is it the sense of comprehension itself?

    It is when rigid syntax melts, that my body reflects not elements but a floating wave, knowing not a locality of body but a flow that breathes in aesthetic notes, I am writing it down; Aesthetic sense uses beauty as an intelligence that computes a being in becoming.

    It is now that our notion of beauty is changing, embracing the jazz, finding its roads of becoming into minding our own evolution.
    It is now

    To be continued..

    Image 1 – By Banksy

    Image 2 – By Antony Gormley

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    Through technology the span of human life will increase, approximating towards immortality; in direct correlation the manifold costs of being alive will progressively decrease. In proximity, being alive will not cost us anymore in life, rather, it will aggregate into generating life.
    Does Sanity have a sound?

    At times, sanity is a volume of silence, a body of flowing texture, wishing not to rest in destiny but in emergence. At times, sanity is a naked thought, hanging in darkness, wishing not a thinker but a lover. At times, sanity is just the sound of breaking bread, wishing not a language but a merging. At times, sanity is a voice of intensity, wishing not a vessel but a crack. At times, sanity is not at present, neither is madness in proportion, it is then that a pile of words reveals itself as a waveless ocean.

    Betraying the locality of consciousness

    The magic of cinema is simple; it allows us to give ourselves to a plot, in which we become a version of ourselves within a unique world frame. Art taught us through many mediums and styles, the simple fact about ourselves, of being not one, but a poetry of emerging compositions, of being in the flow of becoming.

    Isn’t it the case that magic begins in radical participation, that of giving ourselves un-conditionally to a narrative in action? Within it pleasure gathers its flowing property. It is then that we participate in life, minding not time but an occurrence, an event in-happening.

    It is in the act of giving ourselves that we take our cues not from time and self, but from the flowing texture of an open moment, it is then that we see pleasure as the playful ground of intelligence, contemplating a possible wisdom occurrence and betraying the privacy and locality of consciousness.

    Art, in the sense of the work of an artist, always, is an expression of betraying the local taste of consciousness, as it is always in the move between potential sights to a potential “other”.

    Placing oneself is a conscious verb

    In essence, technology should be measured by the freedom it gives us, the freedom to give ourselves unconditionally to the narration of Mind as an eventful space.

    Narration, as I am using it here, is our essential instrument of setting coordinates and orienting the motion of self-reflection, setting a story-world in which narratives are the verbs.

    And so, it occurs to me that narration is the instrument for placing ourselves and oneself, setting a “place” to Mind, the possible consequence of which is an event, via a narrative, that is a Meta composition of the verb of being.

    Narration if so is the conscious function of setting a “place” for minding, by composing a story-world, a platform for the mining of narratives. Freedoms, gained by technology, are changing the status of localities, from being fixed to being consciously variable.

    By that, placing ourselves will be open to interaction and complementary to the optimization of poiesis – the poietic work of exposing the dynamic of thought sensation to the spectrum of its potentialities of actuation.

    Placing oneself is more and more close to consciousness and less and less correlated to locality. Moreover, placing oneself, in the sense of narration, seems an essential characteristic of a conscious being.

    Technology is not a “literature”; yet, it does and will allow, via the semantic grid of all things, an explosion of narration into multiple and diverse narratives of poiesis.

    In that the projection of Polytopia and the multi-faced coherency that it may disclose to our humanness, is an intimate companion in a ground-less transition.

    Open Existential situation

    Technology in its myriad pathways of breaking through provokes in us that which we have been after for eons. Technology is transforming line by line the character of our existential situation.

    Existential situation I understand as a multi-dimensional setup of proportions of freedom/restriction, a body that gives orientation to our meaning assignment, that curves the dynamics of thought and is by all means our drama setter.

    The case of being mortal, the case of resources being limited, the case of being irrevocably far from the “other”, all of this has concurred to determine our previous situation in this universe and our placement in time, serving as the axis for our emotional landscape and mythological portal.

    It is in fact right now that our existential situation as humans is transforming.

    Webbing our relation into a texture of high and smart connectivity, unlocking resources from being finite, cracking mortality – all of it, the tip of a wide and vast iceberg.

    New West

    Economy was always based on the manifold costs of being alive and defined by our existential situation.

    The vision of reducing the cost of being alive to minimum means upturning the drama of being into a completely different nature of narrative.

    We know at depth the legacy of our narrative, that of swimming against the current of a constant decrease in the shores of aggregation. Change this factor and a new drama of being emerges.
    If indeed the costs of being alive are progressively decreasing as an outcome of the on going transformation of the existential situation, a new drama and correlative economical framework are emerging.

    Transforming the existential situation yields spaces for alternative economic frameworks to coagulate. Yes embryonic, yes in transition, but the surplus of space susceptible to alternatives is our new west.

    Though based upon our existential situation, economy, in essence, is our best vehicle to negotiate and upturn the cost of being alive.


    We understand by now that utopia is not a game changer, simply because utopia is a frozen matter projected upon the flow of events, using not narratives but ideology as machine of actuation.

    Utopia is not a substantial alternative to an existing reality, as it presents a rigid paradigm as substitute to a rooted pattern, but at the end of the day it is the ‘exclusivity’ of the pattern that continues. Technology does propose a substantial edge, by yielding an actual platform upon which a meta-shift in paradigm is possible. This substantial edge allows us to begin to mind our own evolution and to cross over to many alternatives, celebrating a true literature of being and of collective.

    Our future is about the emergence of an alternative conceptual space, in which new narratives can lead the eventful space of mind. We seek in it the freedom to give ourselves to the emerging narratives in action, composing the verb of being. Sanity momentarily is as well simply the rare sound of tight resonance between our thought sensations and our conscious actions.
    Will we find the fine-tuning between the necessary madness and the voice of sanity?
    It is in fact our existential situation as humans that is in transformation.
    It is now

    To be continued..
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    "I live on Earth at present, and I don't know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process — an integral function of the universe." R. Buckminster Fuller


    Suddenly it is cold, so cold that for a glimpse of a moment motion is frozen, the sight utters warm and fancy, the moment irregularity is clearly a Blue-Moon happenstance. Between the old forgotten hypothesis of Prometheus and the new evolved version called AI, it is humanness that comes to rise up, pulling itself out by the future landing into the paths of past.

    Poiesis and Puting

    I love words, the story of words, the history of a word, and though I am familiar with the notion that words themselves are empty (but then what is not?), a word becomes an entity when in composition; it has a character, a taste and a sense. As an artist, I know words as matter, as color, as sound, as flow.

    Yet, above all, words are like doors. In timing they open a space, a crack in the matrix of interdependence, for intelligence, through consciousness, to adopt a new configuration, a new pattern that connects.

    The right word, in the right timing, in the right place… and the sense of opening is overwhelming. While in my studio, I know this when am hunting for colour. The right colour does the magic, the magic of transcending being into a flow.

    And so, I enter this virtual studio with a question - what is the verb of being?

    And we know the fallacy in the question. There is no verb to being, there is however a question, a pattern of relations that correlate the space of us/me with the space of all and everything.
    Now, I throw the question into that ‘pattern’. It is a personal question made of the stuff of intimacy. I am not here in search of the universal, I am however on the track of self-discovery.

    The state, the mind state, is changing in correspondence, matter is opening, undressing from a particular description and moving to a superimposed descriptive state, the ‘distance’ between potentiality to actuality gradually disappearing.

    While the silence is quickening I realize that actually the question is simple, as much as it is personal. In essence, I am asking what is the contextual action of the substance of me? What is the ‘middle’ of my longing?

    Two words are emerging. The first is ancient, the second is new, the ‘milieu’ of intelligence is changing, and now comes the work.

    The verb of being is Poiesis,

    The axis of Poiesis is Puting.

    Poïesis is etymologically derived from the ancient Greek term ποιέω, which means, "to make". This word, the root of our modern "poetry", was first a verb, an action that transforms and continues the world.

    Poiesis here means:

    The process of bringing a becoming into presence.

    Or in other words, the poietic-work of exposing the dynamics of thought-sensation to the spectrum of its possible actuations.

    Pute is etymologically derived from Latin, from the ancient term Putare, which means to cut, to clear, to clarify and to think. This word, the roots of our modern “computing”, is in short the act of making sense through calculation, the act of creating sense through re-iteration of correlations.

    Pute here means:

    In essence, the creative moment, the moment of puting brings forth a new sense into existence, that is a Mindful Creative Pregnancy.


    Poiesis, as the event of being, is the poietic work of exposing the dynamics of thought-sensation to the spectrum of its potentialities of actuation. The poietic work is that of bringing the dynamics of thought-sensation all the way, as changing states, from and through the possible, to the probable and the actual, via capturing, articulating and realizing. Poiesis if so is the artful ‘action’ of being, through which unpredictable becoming is exposed via a mindful creative moment. It is a love affair always fresh from tunneling the un-known while distilling the knowledge.

    Pute – A Mindful Creative Moment

    In the movie “Modigliani”, (2004), Director and Writer - Mick Davis, there is an interesting scene presenting seven artists standing in front of an empty Canvas full of the passion to paint a masterpiece that will take part in the Paris annual art competition. Modigliani tackles this work with the hope of creating a masterpiece, and knows that all the artists of Paris are doing the same. The scene unfolds in cinematographic language, the happenstance of a creative artistic moment seen through the drama between the artist and the empty Canvas.

    For many years I have been exploring the nature of those creative artistic moments, which though belonging to multiple landscapes and different contextual representations, have much in common. Whether it be an artist, a philosopher, a scientist, an engineer or a mystic, within his or her curriculum vitae of flow of cognitive-emotional life, we may find descriptions, stories and products of the creative moment.

    In my exploration whether by investigating others or within my experimental contour, I came to the understanding that such a moment is an axial property of being a human. Poiesis, the verb of being, the poietic work of exposing thought-sensations to their potentialities, is brought forth via the creative moment into an unpredictable becoming.

    The verb of this creative moment I call to pute,

    I like the sound of it, the taste of it on the tong, the flow of it,

    Pute, Puting,To pute,

    Pute in general is a mindful creative moment and pregnancy. It by all means does not belong exclusively to art, but to all domains of human intense activity. It is in this sense a property of being a human and a higher cognitive-emotional phenomenon. It will be sane to say that the consequences of those durational moments of Puting did play a momentous role in the life of giants in humanity and as a consequence in the life of others.

    Pute – Index of Being

    Definition - Pute is the verb of a Mindful Creative moment.

    Telos – Puting converges into a fragile, special and unique instance of knowing while riding an aesthetical sense.

    Nature – state of mindfulness riding oriented passion into the un-known at the edge of chaos.

    Being - Apex of puting is conception, through which being re-articulates itself, or expresses itself anew.

    Meta – Inputing is the keyhole for emergence of insightful thinking, creative articulation and the spectrum of rare moments that punctuate equilibrium - high lands of sight, epiphanies, vision and emotional awakenings.

    Dynamics - Merging into computational and intuitive composition of forces that awake a becoming which is unpredictable.

    Esthetics – asymmetry of interest coagulated with the symmetry of openness.

    Poetic – Puting is a Renaissance Machine of being.

    Example: To coin the word Pute I enter into a state of puting.

    Collective Puting (the future?)

    Cinema is an interesting case of collective-puting, a dynamic complex orchestration of masters at work. The movie is happening in the relations, overlapping multidimensional relations. The significant notion here is the criteria of the relation – adding dimensions to the collective – puting event.

    The movie making procedure is a collaboration of Puting-stations, to which each individual station is a unique and characterized mastership, yet, each station carries the precious knowledge of how it connects (in proximity) to all other stations.

    The movie emerges piece by piece in the middle, the dynamic intersection in which and through which the bottom-up interacts with the top-down; that is the ‘milieu’ at realization.

    I do know that there are a poly-manner ways of making a movie; in some, like in the case of Alfred Hitchcock, the actual making of the movie does not change the shape of the movie significantly. In others, like Federico Fellini, the making is where the movie is being shaped.
    This way or that way, there are many ways and different proportions, in which the individual puting station is related to collective-puting and vice versa. My point here is that exponential growth in connectivity via technology is leading us most probably to co-puting.

    Which puts us closer than ever in our shared poiesis, the exposure of a better us to its possibilities of actuation, in a better future in a better world.

    I do not come here for a moment to undermine the ultimate criticality of the individual puting station, rather, am pointing and hinting towards a unique and special case, that of collective-puting as an indication of the future and the future mind.

    It seems, that for the first time in human history we, as a collective, are converging into co-puting. We are collectively in a creative pregnancy entwined with the emergence of a new mind.

    Ensembles of puting stations are emerging. These ensembles are not homogeneous (as in the topos of polytopia); they are not exclusively related to one discipline, but they are animating in proximity in the same kind of frequency, they are pushing the same mind wave forward in proximity.


    It is dawn, now, caressed by the far rhythm of ocean waves, it is crisp and yet it is pregnant with thick and moist mist. It feels like being taken out of a context, the context of being my self. I know that sense quite intimately. I practiced it for many years and still the act of self-denial always on a balancing scale, never on solid ground. And so, I am increasing the volume of emotion and move bare footed from sensation to sensation, gathering the emotional sleeve pointing to an open ended horizon. I am slowly activating the organs of thought and steering the tension, I log into consciousness and silently observe the change in the ‘milieu’ of intelligence, and here, exactly here and again, I understand that I am not alone, a flaming wave, yes, but inseparable, and the memory is fast and hits me, it is:


    I am one moment into the Post Singularity Era (PSE).
    I am almost dis-qualified from being my self,
    Emergence of a future mind is the plan.

    To be continued…

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    We listen to the voice, the tune of acceleration distributed in million labs, the undercurrent wave is pulsating, growing, aggregating life and potency. I am listening to its tremendous voice of the very now, in millions interconnected computing stations. I am listening as an artist does; it is a wide almost wild voice, I merge till merging loses its bottom line, a mind sets to a pure tension. It starts to gather, atom to atom, to letters, to words…

    The Singularity Indeed Has Already Happened

    The first word that sparks in my mind when coming to the raw articulation of that sense emerging in me is “Montevideo”.
    It’s like in the story that I recall from my childhood, about a Spanish ship of the 16th Century that had been sailing around for months, no land crossing its way, when at a sudden moment the sailor on the mast, with his very last few breaths started shouting – Montevideo… Montevideo (…I see a mountain).
    And so, I see a mountain… Like to say, I see a future… standing right here, on our way to the there.

    A Letter to my self

    The amazing thing about the singularity, the Story of the singularity that is, is the way it affects us.
    When projecting it on the line of our event horizon, the singularity is a story that brings us into deconstruction and moves us into composing ourselves anew.
    The human today lives in a radical time, actually an extremely radical time; the future is rushing at us, proposing for the first time the idea and reality of a better platform, distinctively different from the imperfect outcome of natural selection.
    It is the beginning of an accelerating change that is starting to gain a confident and attractive position, projecting the human over an open horizon. Changing the very meaning of what, who and how a human is.
    We as contemporary humans are crossing ways with this complex intersection and possible evolutionary event; we may gain some of the fruits of it and we may not.

    And so I open eyes to a landing perspective, and once more my reflection is, that the amazing thing about the singularity, the Story of the singularity that is, is the way it affects us.
    In all of its possible doors of emergence, the story of the singularity, this modern mythology to my eyes is a catalyst, before anything else, a catalyst for self- definition and a vehicle of transformation.

    A catalyst for self-definition and a vehicle of transformation

    Alongside with what we know as our drama of being – which lays in defining the ‘constant’, the very sense of our selves, while allowing all the rest to be continuously transformed – alongside with that, for us, initially nothing actually really changes, in encountering such a story as the story of the singularity.
    Yet, it is eventually taking us, A potent wave of projection, demanding from us a fresh definition of our constant – the spark of our knowledge of being – if we wish to provide the case for our continuity through rushing transformation, encompassing both the closest and farthest levels of our existence.
    And slowly the act of inclusion of such a story, gains in us the subtle knowledge of why. The unquenched desire to unfold our sense of universality, through distillation of being, as the continuous factor across evolutionary intersections that bear with them the very sense of dis-continuity.
    The usage of the story of the singularity as a playground for an inner and straightforward narrative is in a way organic.
    And so, this is the first angle through which I see a future, a home for a pulsing heart of substance. A subtle bridge between our core sense of being and this exploding evolutionary intersection, providing a fresh edge for our humane evolutive adventure.

    Our Humane evolutive adventure

    The pattern of our event of self-reflection as humans- the core approximating itself within continuous metamorphosis - is a vision in itself. And it is always navigating in search of an activating story, the one that connects the dots.
    And so, we can… we can afford to include and weave that story as a playground for swift iteration. We may also disclose our poetry of self-description for a better tomorrow towards the possibility of designing ourselves a direction within the storytelling of an evolutionary crack.
    In that, the act of inclusion may provide a potent horizon within which the procedure of cultivating intelligence and of articulation of intelligence do find a correspondence.
    Observing again and again the spectrum of countable moments in my log, I find, among many, a thread that weaves it all into one growing sense. Now, how to call it? Is it intimacy in action? An intimacy that makes the stuff of everything mine?

    Making it personal

    We love life, strongly and passionately; we love till it erases the distinction, while providing us the momentum to make it personal and distinctive.
    Making it personal means to make it ours, not in the sense of possession, which would really be a poor thing, but rather to make it ours in the pure subjective sense.
    This is, in a manner of speaking, where our universality is to be found. All of our kinds and styles of minding, before being about something, are about minding.
    The quality of minding, meaning, minding the mind in the appropriate fashion, results, as in Art, in an emerging substantial sense of unification - that of infinite uniqueness and infinite openness.

    In Substance as in Art

    In Art as in Substance, a universe, or a verse is inflated to such a degree that it comes out so to say, it comes into being, standing on its own account.
    The question then is: IS an expression of being like an expression of Art? If it is, then, the art of being and the substance of art are strongly related.
    The world of art passes the stage of breaking through its limitations, by emptying the question of “what is Art?” allowing in that act an explosion of creativity and fertility.
    And yet, we still carry the intimate knowing of what art is, as it reflects our core sense of pure subjectivity – the ultimate unification of openness and uniqueness.
    Today I find a correlation between art, substance and the story of the singularity. And by all means there is an essential property that defines our activity as humans, our minding, and our tremendous effort to remain effective and affective as long as we breathe.
    It is a sense, a taste, and a reflective experience that emanates the smell of our sweat and yet we are not there, actually nothing is there.
    And in that sense the story of the singularity is no less and no more then a means, a better platform for the art of being and the substance of Art to approximate itself.
    And on the same token, as art frees itself from essentiality, and by that act opens itself for an explosion of the creative force, the story of the singularity does the same to the Human, emptying the question of “what is a human?” opening by this act a door for occurrence of a new mind and forcing us humans to cultivate the sense of ourselves in alter dimensions.
    Is this a crack, or am I hallucinating? A crack for a new story? For a fresh tradition? It is through this window of understanding that I draw again the very confidence in what and how I am: an evolutive adventure.

    A crack, for what? Remains the key question

    We do love life and if so we do love the idea of a singularly rushing crack for upturning non-negotiable set-ups.
    And here, exactly here, there is a space, a room, a crack calling for dreamers, visionaries, storytellers, designers, philosophers to step forward and to take this crumbling world of man upon the wings and waves of their tales.
    We love the singularity, the story of the singularity, and as in the beginning and end of days we care for one thing, that which optimizes our singular sensation – that which approximates us to the flow of pure subjectivity in which universals are being born.
    We can call it “A brave mind singularity” as Wildcat put it, and this is after all a narrative we do know intimately. In that extending the moment of now, making the future our home and shaping space, seems for a moment a sane poetry.
    And so when facing the so called fact of being mortal and a possible incoming sense of immortality, I remind my self, that this way or that way I am the same.
    And yet, that sameness when wound deep within the emerging contemporary mind wave, that distilled sense, yields the very freedom to embrace, to partake, in a life, which becomes no more and no less then art.

    Towards a unified horizon?

    In simple terms, either we make this emerging future our home, our Polytopia, or we will most probably slow the realization of our visions and diverge from where the flow at the edges of humanity is gathering and pointing.
    This way or that a new platform of initial conditions of being, with less and less limiting factors, will eventually arise, somewhere.
    It is a process of re-birth we should adapt to, shaping our edge in relation, while creating our location in correspondence.
    It seems an inevitable matter of time that we make this radical intersection as a fitting medium for our minding. Extending our playground to include that intersection and the mind-wave that corresponds with it… and allow ourselves a re-birth.

    And so I open eyes to a landing perspective, and once more my reflection is, that the amazing thing about the singularity, the Story of the singularity that is, is in the way it affects us.
    And from this landing perspective the singularity indeed has already happened. We are now at the first stage of the post mind singularity era and the curve of accelerating change is indeed accelerating but the context of it happening, aside of technology, is us and the mind of us.

    The Singularity Has Indeed Already Happened

    And so, in a manner of speaking this is my Montevideo, with which I begin to count anew my log.
    16:55/6/11/08/ PSE*

    *PSE: Post Singularity Era

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