Comment on Κύκλωψ

meganmay Fri, May 25, 2007
this is great, i actually have a pretty vested interest in sensory deprivation and experiments done in this vein, i also think 'scientific' investiation is a great way of exploring 'artistic'/philosophical inquiries (wordup ari|sci). I was blind at a party once and it was amazing (i think i blogged about it on the art|sci blog actually) my sense of spatial perception was actually quite astute, at least when i was standing in one place, i knew where people were and i knew where their bodys began and ended. here's a really small exploration i did of a related idea i did for interactivity (infortunatly it's not fully developed, you have to read the instructions below to understand how it works and i want to send the drawings to a database, but this will happen soon). also, maybe i can come by and check out your caccoons some time, just out of interest. farewell!