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    I get stuck when thinking about my future form and environment, because I am thinking in my current form. My current form has physiological limitations—including my brain's limitations. My limitations make me ask questions, irrelevant ones I think, such as "How/Why/When do I ___?" I say irrelevant, because these questions relate to the very environment and form I exists in, and to the only way I know how to live as.

    How do I experience the sun on my skin and revel in the enjoyment of getting a tan? How will I participate with the wind and bees among the flowers on the hills of Gorman? How will I acquaint myself with the scent and taste of rose water?

    In my new form, so many physical experiences will be irrelevant, which makes me wonder if life in the new form is really relevant. Why do we exist in this form (a different question than why we exists)? What are the attributes of life?

    If my mind is the source of life and existence, my senses are the essence of life. My mind uses my body to feel life. What makes life is the strength of emotions—pleasure and pain and all that make up and define the two.

    Love hurts physically. Will the mind alone experience love? All emotions need the body in order to be realized. Will we have emotions in the new form?

    I am resolved that the body is enslaved by the mind in order to advance it's purposes. But I think my ideas of the body-less life are being foiled the more I delve into thoughts about it. Does the mind need a physical connection to the environment is occupies? Will it always need a body?

    What will that body be? Do we occupy it when we need to, yes, just like going to the toilet, only when we need to...

    Sun, Jul 8, 2007  Permanent link
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    folkert     Tue, Jul 10, 2007  Permanent link
    Check out this article for some ideas on what an intermediate situation might look like before we arrive at what you are talking about. I'm not a fan of Kurzweil, but this is a quick, highly enjoyable read on the "mind of the future".
    If you decided to walk, the nanobots would intercept the signals to your real legs and send back all the sensory signals of walking — from the changing tactile pressure on your feet to the air moving across your hands as you swing your arms. It would be just as high-resolution and just as compelling as real reality. You could actually go there and meet other real people. So you and I, instead of being on the telephone, could be meeting on a Mozambique game preserve, and we'd both feel the warm breeze on our faces and hear the animal sounds in the background. (...)
    Xarene     Thu, Jul 12, 2007  Permanent link
    I agree with some of his 'predictions' and disagree with many as well. The whole concept of being human and having feelings gets reinvented. Again, I am thinking within the limit of my experiences and therefore the thought of a mediated life through nanobots and virtual reality doesn't sound appealing... interesting and something I would love to try, but not live in. He puts much emphasis on how we basically become machines (not the definition of human). Do we really evolve out of our species? The whole concept of Darwinian evolution is based on each specie evolving from one to another? So conceptually it is a given step in evolution that we evolve into another specie, but is that specie the machine?
    aeonbeat     Wed, Dec 12, 2007  Permanent link
    You said it already, the key is in your mind, this is a quote of a song by Arcade Fire:
    My body is a cage
    That keeps me from dancing with the one I love,
    But my mind holds the key.

    Without body I don't see any other thing or way to be, but only through eternal extatic love - think of when you were a really, really little small child, everything you experienced in tht specific way... Too much thinking is killing us, but without doubt our quest for the truth is probably doomed. Probably all we need is here on earth, in our matrix-like world, through our bio-machine suits. All the rules, which we try to smash and cross since the dawn of life, are holding this reality. Once we understand its code, everything changes. I think there's enough written, said, filmed, painted, sung about this subject. Better spend our time, enjoying stuff like this and not be in a hurry