Comment on left side, right side, upside down

meganmay Tue, Jul 10, 2007
It's interesting how stuck we get in certain modes of perception - at my scale, I'm convinced that as i sit, just chilling in this chair desk chair I'm not moving very much at all BUT IN FACT I am moving at !!! 1040 miles/hr !!! around the Earth's central axis. On top of that, I'm revolving around the sun at 30 km/sec, and the solar system i inhabit is moving around the galaxy at 250 km/sec. Of course, we can't neglect to consider the rate at which our galaxy is moving in the local group of galaxies, 300 km/sec. AND IF WE CRASH BACK DOWN TO EARTH to notice the atoms and molecules moving at top speed just to hold each human body together, my previous notion of stillness is thrown up and my mind marvels at its extrapolated perception, and it's habitual ignorance. We're so convinced that we're contained in these bodies, mostly impenetrable, when in fact we're just a fluid process of matter in constant motion. BUT this is quickly becoming something else. End of transmission.