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    Other Earth inhabitants have reached Singularity, but they have retained their human-ness within new, immortal bodies. They are literally Bodies Without Organs; bodies that do not need to eat, reproduce through sex, etc. They have lost the needs and desires of the old body in terms of constant care for health or vanity, or for survival such as UV protection and food, or for commoditized luxuries. Though they have the choice to be immortal, they are not selfish and instead use mortality in the same manner ancient tribes used castration to control their population. Death is a passage and a highly valued ritual of suicide. Reproduction is a natural question that follows and there are many possibilities to addressing it. In this particular dimension of Other Earth, reproduction has moved away from being the role taken on between a male and a female and consequently gestation and birth is also not the responsibility of the female body or any human body for that matter. This is not revolutionary taken bio-medical advances in test-tube babies, IVF, surrogates, cloning and three-parent embryos.

    Above images show a coastline inhabitant nourishing her body with salt via her skin.

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