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    Thoughts and Theories into Dreamspace
    [Update: I added a bit more in my theories section. I just woke up—4:15am—from a horrible dream... I caused a major catastrophe playing with nuclear fireworks! I woke from feeling incredibly ashamed for causing it though I also die! The funny thing is that when I first wrote this post, I had also been awaken by a dream.]

    I took a casual survey of a few neighbourhood bookstores and libraries and a quick glance at the bookshelf on the topic of 'dream' revealed numerous titles on dream interpretations from Native American and Egyptian to contemporary clairvoyants and religious books, and depending on the bookstore, some psycho-analytics of Freud and Jung were thrown into the mix which may spark interest to check out the section on psychology books. My favourite resource of click-mania through knowledge, Wikipedia, offered an impressive list of types of dreams and theories on dream on one page. For this post I am placing my dreams in only three categories and using them as examples, I am going to boldly add my theories of dream.

    I am not going to delve into what theories I agree or do not agree with, because quite honestly, as in the case with theories and beliefs on death, no one really knows what they're talking about when it comes to dreams either. I do know one thing for sure, that keeping a dream journal is a good training tool for paying attention to dream details and remembering them. I've been using this site and have a log of seven years.

    Dream One: Lucid Conversation
    Dream Two: Event Prediction
    Dream Three: Information Exchange

    Lucid Conversation
    Many experience lucid dreams, dreams we are fully aware of our 'dream self' and where we can control our thoughts and actions to achieve desired results. In the two examples below I am under control of my conversations.

    While in highschool, I would hangout often with my dad's attorney. He was in some odd way my chain-smoking, bad-mouthed, smart-ass mentor. He had two young girls (one looked like Natalie Wood, the other was a cute fat one who I would never see without Cheetos). His wife was a nice lady, a schoolteacher...grade four I think. He died one December day in 1999, only 42. His body was found face-down clutching the rug in his fists as he was pulling himself to the counter where his heart medication was. Quite graphic and sad. By that time I had not seen him or his family in five years. Here is my dream from my log:
    1 December 2001

    i was in a green late 70s datsun. the car belonged to my dad's dead lawyer. we were having a conversation just like in real life. i told him i missed him and how i liked his raspy voice. he laughed at that; a good hearty, smokey laugh-you know the kind of laugh from too many cigarettes. i told him that i tried to call his wife on no-rooz two years ago, just a couple months after he had died, but she didn't answer the phone (i really did try calling her in real life, not in the dream). i told him that i wanted to tell her how sorry i am and that i think of her and the girls. i wanted him to know. he said it's okay, she didn't like me anyway. i thought in my dream and while we were driving that she was jealous of me spending so much time with him and i am taking a spot that were for his daughters. but that wasn't true so once again i tried to call her, this time in my dream. after i woke up i felt like i had really spent time with him. i know i did.

    In the diner example, however, I experience the split persona of 'dream me' who has more control of the situation than 'sleep me'.
    8 December 2003

    I was in a diner with my uncle (mom's younger brother) and my boyfriend. My uncle and I were sitting across from each other by the window and my boyfriend was sitting next to him. It looked like the 101 Diner in LA, but authentic and old, not new and hip like the 101.

    What I was about to tell my uncle was a lie. I knew in my conscious state and my dream state that it is a lie. But I didn't know why I was about to lie in my conscious state, so I let my dream me continue with the lie. I told my uncle that I am pregnant and I am expecting a little girl. I told him I want to name her Jasmine because it was his father favourite flower. They bloom at dawn and are most fragrant then. My grandfather would be up every morning, before sunrise, to exercise. He would pick the flowers and always have a fistful in the pockets of his pjs. My grandmother would also pick a small handful and always have it on his breakfast table. In our family, that flower always reminds us of him.

    My uncle was happy and complimented me on my name choice.

    The dream was over. The conscious, yet asleep me, is still wondering why the hell did I lie. But then I had a dream that followed immediately after.

    I was sitting somewhere like that first diner... I am not sure if it was that same place or not... I didn't care. I didn't care because my Grandfather was sitting across from me. He looked much younger than I had ever seen him and much healthier. He was maybe in his early sixties. I knew him in his late seventies until he died at 83 or something. He was wearing a crisp white shirt and a tan suit. Tan and gray were his suit colours.

    He was happy and smiling. We didn't say anything. We were just happy to see each other.

    I knew why I had lied in the earlier dream... I just wanted to get his attention and let him know I love him and miss him.

    Event Prediction
    Different civilizations have used dreams as a means to decide whom to follow, what to do and where to go. What is known from ancient texts and religious stories on dream interpretation, is that these civilizations developed unique guides and references to the translation of the dream language (an identifiable source of Carl Jung's theory that dreams are a language with meaning). As with any language, the dream language can be learned either through repetition of dreams and the events within them, or by paying attention to dream events and finding their correlation with life events as one would do with learning metaphors in another language by comparing the known language to the foreign. An advanced interpretation comes from the combination of the two, repetition and relation, techniques I have used to interpret my dreams.

    Information Exchange
    I decided on making this a category of its own because generally I have experienced this form of dream conversation and questioning taking place with a living person. The first part of the dream in the diner fits this category. That dream is more complex though as the living person has possibly been used to give information to a possibly dead person. (I should have asked my uncle if he had any particularly memorable dream involving my grandfather.)

    I would call my grandmother quite frequently but it had been a couple months where I was calling to speak with her and my mother had a legitimate excuse every time—"She's staying with so-and-so uncle this week."; "She's in the hospital for a night or two because..."; "She's sleeping." Not once did it occur to me that she's lying... for the past two months. Logged dream:
    18 September 2004

    nona is in tehran visiting her family (in real life she is in tehran, not in dream). i see her and ask her "nona, have you seen maman joon? i haven't talked to her. how is she?" nona replies with a matter of fact tone "she's in the ground." i wake up and i know my grandmother is dead.

    Now my theories:

    1. Dreamspace is a parallel universe
    2. Dreams are a wormhole making possible the bending of spacetime
    3. Dreamspace is the link between the physical life we know of and the life after death which we are dying to learn of.

    The bombing dream, and numerous dreams within the same line, have lead to my theory of dreamspace being a parallel dimension. The events in the parallel dimension of dream have a logic (language) very different to that of the dimension where we are awake. It is the understanding of the logic of the parallel dimension that aids in dream interpretation. Being that parallel dimensions are possibilities of this dimension and that there is no concrete knowledge on the way time passes or corresponds between the dimensions, one can assume that either the dream events are taking place in slightly advanced time—which explains predictions and visions popular with ancient cultures—or the events have passed confirming experiences of déjà vu within dreams.

    Considering the difference in the passage of time, and events jumping various points along the "time-line" the nature of time is questioned. Could scientists be over-looking an obvious medium for wormholes: our dreamspace?
    My mother's aunt stayed with us for a month one summer. She was a bit over 4 feet tall, thick magnifying glasses which made her eyes half her face, super cute and in super pain from arthritis. I'd spend an hour with her every evening massaging her hands, arms and legs. A month later I had a dream where after massaging her arms, she turns around and very vividly wishes me a good fortune. She turns back and puts her head down to sleep. At the breakfast table the next morning I ask my mom if we can give her a call. She says "She died last night at 9pm."

    Could the event in my dream have taken place a month ago but I only experienced it later? Same with the dream in which I have a conversation with my sister-in-law, Nona. Is that a conversation that actually takes place in real life, but within a different dimension of time whereas we do not experience it physically? Maybe the experiences of déjà vu in places, in conversations with people, etc. are a result of actually double experiencing events in this dimension and the parallel dimension. This is a glitch in timespace because if every event of each dimension were to be experienced we would go crazy with the irregular passage of time and happening of events. it would literally feel like dreams of running in place, in slow motion.

    Posting my dreams here without anonymity is taking a toll on me. We tend to share dreams we are comfortable with in terms of how personal they are or are not, or what their silly level. I am not comfortable sharing my dreams. I actually have more examples to illustrate bending spacetime but I just can not bring myself to sharing them. In our culture dreams, however one sees the subject, reflect the dreamer and the reflection is more times than not a silly one. The website I mention at the beginning, The Collective Unconsciousness Project is an anonymous diary which makes it fun and easy to keep a dream log (everyone can browse the dream logs on TCUP).

    The status of dreams and the dreamer in the circle of friends and society lead to thinking about two obstacles to dreams becoming wormholes: first, we have no control over when we dream and what we dream (otherwise we would avoid being placed in uncomfortable, terrifying, embarrassing situations), and second, though it is a collective experience and millions of people are dreaming at the same time, it is a random individual experience which is rarely shared afterward because it is personal or because it is "silly" and being silly is uncomfortable.

    Actors—human or animal—are trained to exhibit behaviours, accents, emotions, etc. on demand. (That is silly too, yet we reward them for it.) What if we could be trained to close our eyes and dream on que? What if we could control where our dream takes place and who and what we encounter? If we can collectively share our dreams and be within each other's dreams, the dreamspace becomes a shared experience of travel at the very least. If dreams are collectively controlled and shared, I can not help wonder of the conditions of dreamspace having physical repercussions in real life. I have had many dreams which have affected me emotionally and therefore physically but these effects have been self-induced. If we open up dreamspace to others, we open another realm where we are subjected to other people's thoughts and actions as in everyday life. There is nowhere to escape each other.

    Analyzing the time mess of the dream with my grandfather (dead) and uncle (living) point at the possibility of a medium space where the living and the passed can still mingle. (It is safer to rule out the dream with my great aunt as a time shift though, since it was only me and her in the same situation as numerous time before.) I am hesitant to venture further into this theory for many reasons and consider theory one and two as viable candidates for more study.

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