Comment on Social Networking Tools and our Future Society

sedmonds Wed, Nov 19, 2008
I probably would not categorize this work as rant, if I did not feel the teeming frustration myself.

For the past fifteen years, I have found that I am communicating less, even as the net gets bolder. The flash and flick'r of the web has created more false barriers than the old BBS communications of my past.

Seemingly, I felt more excited about meet old BBS buddy, while standing in line at V for Vendetta.

With sort explanation, I noticed a cowhide 'CDC' bag and inquired if that was a 'Cult of the Dead Cow' bag. And yes, it was. So, twenty years later without having messaged or communicated with that BBS fellow, there was this persistent link. Only made visible by shared experience.

Now, it is early on the West Coast and I will probably have to reshape this digital drip, but I hope you get the point: social networks are less useful than I had hoped as well.

Social Networks are not social, because they don't appear to value our good use of time.

Thanks for letting me "rant".