Comment on Social Networking Tools and our Future Society

Xarene Thu, Nov 20, 2008
Whether it is us catching up or our technology catching up, right now, with the current state of the two, social networking tools, are subversively damaging the emotional and psychological potentials of a generation of humans who are not yet caught up. Maybe every shift has causalities.

Your comment on social networking "serve most of human communication needs if not by quality by volume" is exactly your critique of human interaction being "superficial 'status reports' and lo-tech gossip." Social networking tools are exactly superficial, 'high-tech' gossip. Quantity is not what matters in contact and communication and many people are growing up with little to no experience of what quality in human contact is. If out of 100 encounters only one has quality, it makes a difference in the development of human emotions than never having that one experience. Some emotions such as empathy can only be cultivated from direct human contact. Without empathy, we're not human.

The only way a web tools can work is if it makes the user get out and touch someone. I watched anthropologist Nina Jablonski's talk on skin and human contact. We've evolved for so many thousands of years with the need for touch embedded in our system, that a sudden removal of it will be catastrophic in the survival of the human race. Robots don't look after each other without being told to.