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    Society for Utopian Studies
    "Progress is the realization of Utopias." -Oscar Wilde

    I have never ever held any 'pay' memberships other than the gym. Professional memberships that cost $$$ like AIA, IDSA, ASID or AIGA—never thought about it. Super Pro memberships that cost $$$$ like ACM—never ever thought about it. Why? I don't see the point of joining the fraternity (okay, ASID is a sorority. That's about it.) But this one...

    I joined.

    I am disappointed in me for not knowing earlier about The Society for Utopian Studies. I have been fantasizing about my Utopia (Other Earth) where all knowledge and technology are free and readily accessible to everyone. In the real world—the current dystopia of a looming 40% fee hike across University of California—I imagined my utopia manifesting itself in an interdisciplinary Department for Utopian Studies. Or even bigger, a Ministry. Forget foreign policy. Let's study the collective ideals of humanity and see how we can make it a reality. It makes sense given the various forms utopias (and dystopias) manifest themselves: art, architecture, social studies, literature, economics, theology, psychology.... and on and on.

    The reality of our day-to-day lives is that we are all striving towards our ideals. It is also what leads us to conflict because every person's utopia is always someone else's dystopia. Though it would be more productive to say we should not force our utopias on each other, the fact is that we would probably be at peace if we were not imagining utopias at all and just went on our daily lives playing, sleeping, eating bon-bons and sexting (less human contact involving emotional stuff = less emotional problems).

    Did I just turn on myself?

    Thu, Nov 19, 2009  Permanent link

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    meganmay     Fri, Nov 20, 2009  Permanent link
    utopia is always on the table. would make a clever photograph. thinking about utopia makes my blood boil in the best way. this in itself makes it worth thinking about.

    Wildcat     Sun, Nov 22, 2009  Permanent link
    check this:
    "We love life here every instant. Every second is so good that it would blow your mind had its amperage not been previously increased. My contemporaries and I bear witness, and we are requesting your aid. Please, help us come into existence! Please, join us! Whether this tremendous possibility becomes a reality depends on your actions. If your empathy can perceive at least the outlines of the vision I am describing, then your ingenuity will find a way to make it real.

    Human life, at its best, is fantastic. I’m asking you to create something even greater. Life that is truly humane."

    Yours sincerely,
    Your Possible Future Self

    from: Letter from Utopia
    Nick Bostrom