Comment on Language as Virus

Sun, Dec 20, 2009
Nice points!

My title for this post, Language as Virus, is not from William S Burroughs' quote, "Language is a virus from outer space." I have not even been able to locate the context of that quote. (the internet may seem like a good place to look for something, but sometimes it is too big to find what you are looking for.)

Here you go! I actually find myself looking for that exact passage all the time to read over. Never ever seen it in print. Communication must be total and conscious before we can stop it.

The information liberation movement keeps on doing its thing. It's incredibly obnoxious and disgusting to try and imprison perfectly communicable, pertinent and important information behind things like money or other forms of coercion, isn't it? It's weird because it's linguistic entities (law etc) trying to limit other linguistic entities, as if viruses decided to start attacking each other.

I remember back in high school, my younger brother being angry about his teacher always nitpicking about how he used his language over silly little things. It's a thoughtless war against neologism. I told him to tell the teacher that she's going to win a darwin award if she keeps on stifling the evolution of language like that. Apparently she thought it was funny, but kept on doing her job. Lame.