Comment on "What is Art?"

Sterling Crispin Tue, Sep 20, 2011
I think "What is art" or "Is this art?" are not very useful questions. This is not a critique of your post but of the general question that is constantly being echoed throughout society

I think its much more interesting & useful to ask -

What is this
Why is this
What is it doing
How is it doing what it is doing
How can I understand it from a perspective outside of myself,
How does it interact with the world
What is its affect
What were the intentions that created it
How does its formal aspects relate to its content

all of those questions will get you much deeper than "What is art" or "Is this art" , they are both totally subjective and usually relate in some binary answer of "yes/no" or at least dead end rather quickly

a little background about me - I have gone through a 4 year bachelors degree in fine art, worked in a contemporary art museum for a year , worked as an assistant gallery director & curator for a year, been through a three year artist in residence program & am now starting masters degree in art, and people within my masters program are still questioning "is this art" or "what is art" , its a very hard question to deprogram from peoples minds