Comment on "What is Art?"

sonicport+techfolder Wed, Sep 21, 2011
Also getting artists to work together can be a nightmare within perhaps a similar reasoning. As part of my research I asked artists in our group to order the following in importance. It was more about working with people than working with art.

Sharing concepts__1
Sharing language__3
Empassing discipline__4
Co-ordination skills__5
Finding new artistic worlds__2

Another member said 'people don't work with each other because they choose to isolate their personal art worlds to maintain their credibility.'

I see it as the river and the road. Think of the exchange between the street and the stream. The street is the best curator in the world. The combination of lichen and rubber is astounding. I write this sitting at the birthplace of water, an old car tyre has made it here somehow. In plotting its journey I am annoyed to discover other small unwanted objects between the pine leaves.