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    Keeping SpaceCollective Media Relevant
    In June 2009 I mapped the protests in Iran with fervor and anxiety. It is possibly the largest collection of public video and images tracking the protests almost minute-by-minute. They are all on Hypercities, a mapping platform developed by Dr. Todd Presner and his research group at UCLA Digital Humanities.

    The Arab Spring prompted me to revisit the Hypercities collection and I realized many of the YouTube videos have been removed or accounts hosting them have been closed rendering portions of my narrative mapping obsolete. I noticed the same problem on SpaceCollective. Many of us here believe what we put on the World Wide Web is there for prosperity and forget that some of the media is actually reliant on others who may not see the space of the web as we do.

    Therefore I'd like to propose to the SpaceCollective community to archive the work we post, meaning that we download videos and images we are linking in our posts, to our own servers–better if it is all on the SC servers–so that we don't end up with posts like Spaceweaver's Are We Real?. Of course we are still obligated to keep the content and the reliability/responsibility element is still there, but we are at least on the same page in this community and more likely to keep our media live.

    There are a few sources out there, one that I've used is KeepVid. Feel free to use the comments to suggest alternatives, options and recommendations.

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