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    The self-evident nature of simple tools = Ignorance
    How much does the average person know about how one of our simplest tools work, the knife?

    What does it mean to cut something? What does the act of cutting accomplish? How does it work?

    We all know how to use this particular tool. We think it is obvious, thus we do not contemplate it any further. But most of us have no idea what actually physically happens. We are ignorant of the underlying mechanisms for that we think we understand. We are quick to conclude that there is nothing more to learn here. But there is deep knowledge to be found in what might superficially appear to be simple and obvious.

    If any one of you will concentrate upon one single fact, or small object, such as a pebble or the seed of a plant or other creature, for as short a period of time as one hundred of your years, you will begin to perceive its truth.

    – Gray Lensman

    No One Knows What Science Doesn’t Know
    Minds that Make Optimal Use of Small Amounts of Sensory Data

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