Comment on Free will as nonlinear transformational effectiveness

michaelerule Fri, Aug 27, 2010
I don't understand the meaning of "nonlinearity" as you have used it in this essay. Can you elaborate ?

Also, you run into problems defining the "environment". If the environment is the universe than no subset of Earth has free will at the moment.

An alternative philosophical reconciliation of determinism and the subjective experience of free will is that any model capable of predicting in entirety a person's actions necessarily contains identical (handwave) "information content". Arguably, the predictive model is the person. The model has free will as well.

There is some philosophical physics paper out there arguing that we have free will if and only if fundamental particles have free will.

this quote is originally in german, I don't know the attribution, but

"we don't do what we want, we want what we do"