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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    Human Powered Vehicle

    There’s a certain magic that comes with moving under your own power. It’s freeing. Being able to sustain your own transportation requirements releases you from the constant care and maintenance of gas-powered vehicles. It means you aren’t bound to someone else’s schedule or the price of oil. There’s nothing else quite like it.

    Except perhaps imagination. Rushing down an unfamiliar hill on a bicycle, wind flowing past you, is a bit like letting your imagination go freely through the caverns of your mind. We would like to unite the muscle and mental of cycling and figure out why the world does not have prolific forms of human powered energy that change how we think about muscle power and how we think about vehicles. Why can’t we imagine and produce billions of very efficient human powered machines that are not difficult to use, not expensive to purchase, and not painful to operate?

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