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    The Meaning of Sound

    Stop. Pause any music you’re listening to, any videos you might be watching. Take a few seconds to listen to everything around you. Listen to the soundscape.

    What did you hear?
    A car driving by?
    The soft hum of a computer fan?
    Footsteps of the people around you?
    Your own heartbeat?
    City traffic?
    Cows and sheep and birds communicating?
    People communicating?

    We live in a world of sound. It’s everywhere, permeates everything. Silence, for the most part, doesn’t exist. Even in the quietest of spaces, there is the sound of breathing, of your stomach and of your heart.

    Sounds, simply put, are the patterns of certain kinetic waves and energies that our body senses through our ears, skin and nerves. There is a threshold, though, for the amplitude and frequency of what we can hear.

    Sound is a channel of communications not only between humans but among and within all matter, energy and life. There is a lot to hear if we wished to tune that channel in.

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