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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    What is Art?

    Here is our Jeopardy question.

    It has inspired revolutions, stayed the sword, brought stoic men to their knees and returned endless happiness to the universe. In it, we place our greatest wisdom and our most discordant humor. It contains the tragedy and the joy of the human condition. It is the outlet for our experience, the flavor of our lives. It speaks to all of us, but has no mouth.

    So what is Art?

    Despite its simplicity, that word encompasses every expression of human beings from creativity and ingenuity to the assemblage of clothes on our back or the tune we whistle. And to make the word even more complicated, it also may have nothing to do with human activity. Art may squarely be in the eye of the beholder as well as in the conscious, subconscious and corporal of the human maker. One can see, hear, experience Art in the sound of nature, the pattern of clouds, in the smell of pine and the microscopic images of bacteria.

    Literally, everything in the universe can be a piece of art. What people create can be art. We are our own self creations and can be thought of as pieces of art. Everything in nature has constructed itself with architectural elements and patterns that can be considered pieces of art. Our construct of the aesthetic and meaning of art is less about human creation and more about the perception of pattern and meaning wherever it may be found.

    Classically, from the SLANT of inheritance, we hold art in a special category. One can decide to head to the art museum to go see some curated art. The walk takes us past a multitude of faces and expressions, past gum patterns on the sidewalk, past flowers and animals and vegetables and mineral water bottles. Past sky and sound and smell and movement. Past painted clothing and geometrically nuanced buildings.

    As we step further into the the age of Computer Aided Life – CAL, the line defining what is and is not Art is being erased. Art is a pattern that catches our conscious or subconscious attention.

    Art is signal. The rest appears as noise.
    The construct of art holds three dimensions -
    human creation
    pattern:signal perception
    and conscious:subconscious meaning.

    The processing of our conscious and subconscious defines art:

    That the sound of our speaking voice is not thought of as art.
    That curated art is held in higher esteem than an individual’s very private creation.
    That the bits of creation, all around us as we visit the art museum, are ignored.
    That the private spectrum of beauty produced by millions of people is ignored as art.
    That “man” – literally a “man made” piece of art – is not considered a work of art.
    That art is associated with a single individual, not with participative and interactive expression.

    Y Worlds employs a conscious perspective of Art that involves Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Art is a multidimensional spectrum – not a hierarchy. It can be appreciated and understood from the creator’s standpoint, the viewers standpoint, the objective distant 3rd party standpoint, the curator’s standpoint and the standpoint of markets:media of interest. It cannot be accurately understood via current history because the creations of women and a large portion of the general population were never witnessed by more than a few. Here is a wonderful independent movie about one of the millions of missed sharings.


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    sonicport+techfolder     Sun, Dec 2, 2012  Permanent link
    "Not that kind of art, THAT kind of art!"
    CoCreatr     Thu, Jan 3, 2013  Permanent link
    One of the definitions of Art that keep working for me:

    Art is quality of communication.
    And getting
    a message
    across is more important than
    at technical perfection.
    GUSTS     Thu, Jan 10, 2013  Permanent link
    Is art not the very language of life and existence itself? Some parts of life speak with poor language, swear words, dying euphemisms while other parts of life speak with vocabulary never seen outside of a classroom. Your ability to speak the language of life itself alters how see art, interpret art, and eventually create art through your very existence.

    .. too much coffee this morning.....