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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    Knowledge Mapping Project
    Project: Polytopia

    We are on the hunt.
    Our prey is accurate, systemic, comprehensive knowledge.
    We understand that such knowledge exists within the wild and untamed frontier.
    We do not intend to harm knowledge. Rather, we would like to capture it, record it, study it, map it, and if possible, breed it to generate stronger and wiser offspring.

    Various species of knowledge roam the earth. Well documented sightings are scattered and rare. Specific variants of knowledge are known to live at corporate and non-profit breeding grounds. Herds of knowledge have been found to frequently congregate at conferences and universities and research centers. They are attracted to watering holes. And much of the population of knowledge roam the earth relatively alone and unrecorded.

    Samples of knowledge have been extracted and essences placed in (e)books and (e)periodicals and online knowledge zoos and museums. There are dried and pressed samples of knowledge all over the place.

    Finding a really accurate map of where it roams free, where one can find domesticated forms, and where the best places are to experience accurate, systemic, comprehensive knowledge is impossible. The maps do not exist.

    And the creature sightings are rare. It is big but hard to see – with many body parts . It is bold but difficult to recognize. It has incredibly complex patterns all over it. But it blends into the background. It often travels alone but has been seen in families, packs, and swarms. It is the symbiotic host of many smaller creatures.

    Search all you want. During our trips to wikiville and googleland, using their maps, we found droppings and footprints, but nothing as substantial as we had hoped.

    So, ever inventive, we created a unique mechanism to attract and collect full knowledge.

    We staked out every conference in the world where high value knowledge was known to appear. We placed on every seat a wireless device linked to a local computer linked to a global network. We connected two cameras and a large screen projection system to the local computer/switcher/recorder/transmitter. And we waited. When knowledge appeared, we instantly tagged each creature with a smart card that slid into the device. Since they would never sit still for more than a half hour, we packed in as much knowledge accumulation as we could.

    We asked questions and they responded instantly via voting or texting – their accumulated results were visible on screen immediately. We followed up with questions individuals could answer through the microphone built into the device. We used the smart card to filter responses by gender and age and anything else we knew about them or captured previously about them.

    And when they were getting restless, we asked them to ask questions of their peers. All results appeared instantly on screen and were visible around the world. When it was over, when the dust from the creatures had settled, we had captured a beautiful specimen of current, systemic, peer reviewed knowledge.

    In real time , we mapped all live knowledge to our systemic visualization models constructed from previously captured knowledge. After a thorough examination and tagging, we let the specimens of comprehensive knowledge go. To roam the earth until the next capture.

    The dynamic interactive process described above is called a knowledge generation system.

    It can be activated at attended or virtual conferences, synchronous or asynchronous.

    The capture process can be solely internet based. No need for a
    physical meeting space. Or it can be solely a physical meeting, or any hybrid variant.

    Here is a brief summary of a large scale cooperative knowledge development
    process called ENCODE. This was a long term project that required much R&D.
    Imagine if we had all of the contributors in one room for a half day with the Connector.

    The live model building/mapping of knowledge is called a knowledge visualization system.

    The global highly efficient process of gathering knowledge and systemically organizing it
    from key constituents is called The Y Worlds Institute Knowledge Mapping Project.

    The on-premise device described above is called The Connector.
    It, and its virtual web relatives, is the most powerful weapon on the planet yet it is hardly ever used for large scale knowledge mapping.
    It harnesses the energy of millions of minds. It focuses them. It extract the value and meaning. And leaves the participants with newly created knowledge. No specimens are hurt in the process. And the cost is inconsequential compared to benefit.

    We are bringing the live event based Connector and a web based process to the world. Contact us for more information. Be a part of the Knowledge Mapping Project.


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