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    We've Got News For You

    The news, as it stands, serves a vital role within our society. It provides us snapshots of events we could not otherwise know about. And news can, with more in depth coverage and explanatory tools, help give us some context for the events that take place around us. But the mission of news is not knowledge so much as it is to provide enough snippets and tidings to attract an audience of readers/viewers and advertisers. And that inherent incompleteness and disorganization leaves many of us wanting, needing, a more substantial offering.

    The intent of the news is not primarily to nurture.
    The intent of the news is not to reduce inequality.
    The intent of the news is not to comprehensively pursue the truth.
    The intent of the news is anti systemic.

    There is a pattern to the news. Violence, stocks, weather, sports, entertainment and advertising. Repeat.

    And yes, there are stories about health, business and culture along with local and global affairs. The stories come and go – something happened, somebody spoke, a report came out, a reviewer critiqued, an article was written.

    Younger people seem to tune out the news more than most. We suspect that their judgement is indicative of an independence of thought, a heartfelt recognition that news is an echo of an old civilization with insincere motives, and a belief that they can live their life successfully without the SLANT of news. We think they are onto something important.

    We think of the news as brief pulses, dots, of recordings and observations that fade away every day and are replaced by a new series of dots. What is missing from the collection and distribution of information and knowledge are patterns, connections and systemic insights that help us recognize the accumulating meaning behind the news.

    The ‘news’ is filtered and mediated by definition. There is no longevity to the format adopted by the traditional media. It is myopic, refocusing on new topics and perspectives each day. There is no holistic view. It isolates stories such that cause and effect appear disjoint.

    It warps our perception of “what is”.

    Take the recent tragic shooting in Connecticut for example. The national media has covered every second of the ‘situation’. This low probability, low-occurrence incident dominated media attention and stimulated a conversation and questions:

    Why did this happen?
    How can we prevent it from happening?
    Should we have more or less gun control?
    Should we ban costumes at theatres?
    Should we improve mental health services?

    A random shooting with many casualties receives so much attention, while ongoing events with calculable risks and preventable factors, and many more casualties, go ignored.

    Chicago’s epidemic of shootings and killings. Deaths due to heat. Infant mortality rates. Suicide rates among returning veterans and specific demographic populations. Drug poisoning. Fast-acting infections. And many more…….

    Profit-making corporations and media empires dominate news delivery. Their agendas drive content and coverage.

    The complexity of the world makes it impossible for news to deliver an accurate and comprehensive understanding of anything. Tiny bits of coverage can never provide the context and systemic foundation to understand cause and effect, trends, patterns and solutions.

    News delivers news – sourced by small number of people according to their formula. The minimized coverage is a weakness, and the choice of what gets published or aired is skewed.

    News delivers paid advertising. The advertising mandate conflicts with and seriously diminishes the capacity of a news organization to be investigative and critical of business interests.

    News has become a ritualized, easy and inexpensive way for some people to access snippets of information about their world. It has become an effective method for some advertisers to disseminate their message. In no way is news an effective way to educate or achieve Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems. It was not built to educate and should not be depended upon as a substitute for more comprehensive knowledge about ourselves, our world and how we can best achieve our objectives.

    We need another, additive, system of communication, independent and objective, to take a holistic perspective, one whose only goal is a broad-spectrum analysis of the state of the world so we can apply it against our needs and objectives.

    At Y Worlds we believe that the universe of information around us can and should be reduced to a quantized amount of easily accessible, systemic knowledge that summarizes and connects to a full spectrum of everything.

    We do not believe it is enough, and we do not believe it is empowering for bits of information without full context to be released into the world. If the recipient has a choice, we believe they would prefer that the snippets be seamlessly, visually, connected into a contextual and meaningful framework. Noise should be separated from signal, and signal should be translated into understanding how to achieve meaningful objectives:

    Make high return on investment Major Purchases
    Vote and Weigh In on Government and Laws
    Invest Wisely
    Get an Education
    Earn a Living
    Solve a Problem
    Be Healthy and Secure
    Help Others Be Healthy and Secure
    Raise a Child
    Raise a Senior
    Follow a Wish or Passion
    Help Others
    Learn Skills
    Maintain Conscious and Subconscious Wellbeing
    Achieve Sustainable Living
    Maximize Resources

    The Y Worlds approach to News looks like this:

    Y Worlds can become a model for the collection, aggregation, processing, mapping and distribution of what is happening in the world at the systemic level. The level that transforms news into knowledge. Let’s make beautiful news together.


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