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    There is the steady state of a human being. Equilibrium.

    This is when all code and programming are well constructed for functionality, durability, and adaptability. This is when all body materials are consistent with programming and function. Everything is running smoothly, collaboratively. From all perspectives and all proof processes, the human being is as good it it gets. Or as good as can be.

    Sorry, but we now must interrupt this pretty picture with disruption.

    Here is a simple high level model of the factors that disrupt the complex system we call a human being. Us.

    Toxic Agents
    Nutritional Mismatches
    Genetic Disruptors
    Collateral Systemic Disruptors

    The human body is a programmed mechanism operating in an ecology of micro biologies, micro energies, micro molecules and macro forces. When something, anything, is introduced into this system that is new to the programming, new to the mechanisms of interaction and exchange and generative futures, it can disrupt the sensitive microsystems, causing limited or cascading disruptions to an otherwise well functioning being.

    So simply put:

    Introducing new variables into the otherwise stable programming of a body can cause disruption.
    We call these disruptions disease, harm and death….

    It is our belief that limiting the introduction of the thousands of various disruptors into, onto and around our bodies is good practice. We call this conscious choice. Prevention.


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