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    Water Works

    Water is the most vital substance for creating and sustaining life.
    Water is the main ingredient in the remarkable concoction we call human beings.

    Our history as a species has been one dominated by the presence and absence of water. Now, however, we have begun to develop elaborate mechanisms to control our destiny with water. For better or worse, in partnerships with micro and autotrophic organisms, we are the species most capable of affecting life’s most precious resource.

    In the coming decades, especially with the looming spectre of Climate Change, we can expect the delicate balance of the Hydrosphere to become increasingly disrupted. Paradoxically, drought and flooding will become more common, as will the incessant demand for clean, fresh water, a quest that has already taxed many global reserves beyond their capacity to regenerate.

    Our interactions with water have fueled some of the largest and most expensive projects in human history- the Aqueducts of Rome, the Three Gorges Dam, the Chunnel, the Panama Canal, the G-Cans Tunnel System in Japan, the Dutch Delta Works, the Ashkelon Desalination Plant in Israel, the Marina Reservoir in Singapore, the North-South Water Transfer Project in China and the Groundwater Replenishment System in Orange County, California.

    These projects produced benefits for millions of people. They represent the power of human will and the potential of our ingenuity.

    With such a universal need among people, we have an opportunity to apply all kinds of mega-scale thinking to prevent other potential catastrophes and to create new vitalizing opportunities.

    SLANT has and is holding us back, however. In the past, we’ve isolated problems instead of viewing them within a broader, more systemic context. We’ve thought about problems as only really being the concern of one or another region or nation, instead of understanding and building towards fully integrated solutions.

    If we start from the most basic, the most rudimentary level, we can construct dynamic solutions that are broad in scope and adaptable to a myriad of situations. In many cases these challenges are so unlike anything we’ve dealt with as a species before, we need to tear away everything we think we know and start from Zero.

    We use the Y Worlds Model to understand and apply systemic solutions to such subjects as water. The Model would be used to address the complexities of all aspects of water, including:

    geography, makeup of rock, soil, vegetation and microorganisms
    who owns water
    replenishment of water
    price of water
    access to water
    effects of fracking
    capture of rain water
    transport of waterdistribution of water
    filtering of water
    use of clean water for waste
    quality of water-pollution
    energy from water
    water based farming
    water borne disease
    fish farming
    algae production


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