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    I Would Like to Hear World Leaders Say

    I would like to hear world leaders say………..

    Wow, I really messed that up. Sorry. I will do better.

    We need more women and minority representation in government.

    We believe in the creation of an international body of juried compassionate, systemic, wise people from all of the earth who will be endowed with a portion of the wealth of the nations to invest as they see fit to guide the planet. They may not use force or support force. They do not represent their country, they represent the planet.

    I will always tell you the truth and give you the documentation behind my conclusions.
    If I am wrong, I will correct my errors in public. Corruption and lying to the public is a serious criminal offense.

    I depend upon lawmakers to do their job. I will let you and them know what we need to do and why. I will provide a roadmap complete with measurable objectives that will be updated every month. You are responsible for choosing the lawmakers who can best help us.

    I will work to make the revenue, health and legal systems simple, fair and effective.

    I do not control everything that may affect you, but I will try to anticipate.

    Our government is going to be open and transparent.

    Our government is in the business of redistributing wealth into smart investments in large scale societal systems.

    Our government will help everyone who needs help.

    Our government will treat everyone with dignity and respect.

    Our government will create systems that support your health, your security and your potential.

    Our government will work to minimize our size and scope by expanding your opportunities, improving our efficiencies, and increasing your empowerment.

    We will immediately act to prevent hunger and gun violence everywhere. We support lifelong learning and knowledge access that includes diverse experiences and exchanges. We will focus not on growth for growth’s sake but on a sustainable quality of life. We will not become dependent upon any nation or corporation.

    We will mandate voting with systemically logical and equitable penalties for not voting. Voting is no different than requirements for licenses, taxes and public education.We will mandate written profiles, disclosures and plans for all candidates for election. We will not allow elections to be determined by money. Close elections in representational bodies should result in all close candidates becoming representatives with weighted voting power.

    We will reduce the need for regulation by mandating labeling and proof processes by regulated organizations – with severe criminal and civil penalties for executives, boards and employee noncompliance.

    We will apply antitrust rules to avoid monopolies in critical domains such as banking, media, communications and health. We will move from expensive gatekeeper higher education paper certificates to knowledge and capability profiles with many learning options that include no gatekeepers. We will slowly begin to levy property taxes on all organizations, including non-profits and religious organizations. We will close all major tax loopholes, offshore tax avoidance, and domestic tax avoidance.

    We will stand up to the tyranny of violence with violence if necessary, but will attempt all forms of proactive alternatives to violence. If there is a war, there will be a mandatory series of requirements that support the soldiers and their families, and that affect every adult in the country through sacrifice. We will make government more efficient and more human, focused on achieving specific commons objectives.

    We care deeply about the world, not just the place we live.
    We believe in non-violence. We believe in freedom. We believe in democracy. We believe in equality.

    We believe in leaving a small footprint that does no harm to the earth and life on earth.

    We believe the commons together own the earth and its resources.

    We believe every nation should sign a binding treaty severely restricting access and use of massively lethal weapons and materials – with united oversight having the authority to enforce and intervene.

    If you can do it yourself, please do. If you need our help, let us know. We are you.


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