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    Time Out

    One day you are a child. The next day you are an adult.

    Laws divide the span of our lives
    so that one day we are a child
    and the next day we are an adult.

    One day we must go to public school
    the very next day
    public education stops.

    One day we must not

    drink alcohol
    smoke cigarettes
    acquire certain drugs


    buy a gun

    view certain images
    have sex

    own a home
    or drive a car

    and the very next day
    we can.

    Think about it. We do.
    The time lines drawn in the sand are part of inherited laws.

    Laws do not mean people follow them.
    Laws do not mean they are rigorously enforced.
    Laws do not focus on the needs of an individual or their state of being.
    Laws may not be just, well conceived, flexible, fair, nurturing, systemic.

    The law is the law of the land at a point in time. We do not mean to say all of the laws we have just recognized are necessarily poorly conceived or harmful. What we do mean to say is that many of those lines drawn in the sand need to be washed into the sea and replaced by clear objectives that define the Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems behind each. If we do, there will be a series of interconnected lines that operate as a system – balancing laws with equalities, clear societal interests with personal freedoms. We do need to protect young people. That may be a matter not so dependent on law but on a systemically educated child and a systemically educated public.


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