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    No Worries

    A Y Person walks into a bar.
    YP has a couple brewskies to tame the rainy frenetic day.
    Soon, it was time to go to the toilet before grabbing a taxi home.

    The worries begin.

    The toilet door has a simple twist lock in the middle of the inside doorknob.
    It looked very worn and untrustworthy. Did the slight twist of the lock really lock the door?

    Z Person comes to the door. No sign of occupancy visible. Shakes the knob and door. Tries again even harder to get in. Both YP and Z have instant anxiety. Luckily, no mutual embarrassment today. The lockset holds.

    Back to Y Person. A proven worrier.
    The faucet was a twist faucet that required the grip of YP’s hand before the soap. Germs?
    The soap was a push and catch. Back of the hand to push. Soap. Rinse. What was in the soap?
    Did the soap clean off everything?
    Then tighten the faucet. More germs? Wash hands again?? No way!

    Then air dry. Don’t touch anything. Were germs in the room blown back onto YP’s busy hand?

    Now the door handle. The dreaded door handle to get out. Round. Has to be grasped. Surely massive disease carrying germs are happily dancing on the grasping hand?

    But before exiting, YP’s conscious goes into overdrive. Where did the waste water go?
    Into the river? Into water treatment and back into drinking water? What does the fluid pipe transit look like – does it travel miles? More questions fly into YP’s mind.

    Suddenly, YP walks to the bartender, grabs a napkin and pen next to the free stale peanut mix, and begins writing. Here is the note left by YP on the bar for all to see.

    For No Worries:

    Fail Safe Systems

    Locksets – visibly secure interior locks with visibly clear exterior signal upon locking

    Elections – visible clarity of ballot, visibly secure privacy, secure original documentation trail, multiple independent testing of code and system

    Web Communications – confirmation of send, confirmation of sender, confirmation of receipt, confirmation of privacy protection, confirmation of system integrity

    Package Labeling – trusted, documented, replicated assessment of labeling accuracy and product performance – placed on the label (change package labeling to Knowledge Labeling and repeat)

    Fine Print - no fine print

    Humans – mutual confirmation of all critical securities – a single government contact point that answers and visibly satisfies every need for food, for shelter, for protection, for health, for disability and old age, for training – with transparent oversight

    Lets install No Worries Systems where it matters.
    Simple. Cost Saving. Face Saving. Life Saving. Nice.

    Y Worlds. No Worries.


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