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    Everything has scaffolding
    plus programming
    and dynamos
    and matter
    and energy
    and pattern
    and motion
    and exchange
    and spatial position
    within the sequential unfoldings and foldings that we call time.

    Conscious and Subconscious scaffoldings are the constructs and concepts that determine and define where and how we organize our comprehension of our systemic world. Proof Process is such a scaffolding. The scaffolds scale from macro to micro, from tight foundations to complex lattices.

    Matter and Energy scaffoldings, the Corporal scaffoldings, are the generative and dynamic forms and frames that determine and define where within a system something exists, connects, exchanges, changes, replicates, activates, integrates or grows. These scaffolds scale from macro to nano, from rigid to flexible to entirely robust.

    A city is a scaffolding. An economic system is a scaffolding. A tree is a scaffolding. A molecule is a scaffolding. A perception or understanding is a scaffolding. I am a scaffolding. So are you.

    Spiders may build a web. Build themselves.

    Humans build an Internet, roads, skyscrapers, nanotubes. Build themselves.

    Life forms build proteins and cells. Build themselves.

    Atoms and molecules build compounds and physical objects. Build themselves.

    Input + Exchange builds Output.

    There are invisible and unknown scaffoldings that compose the universe and determine and define its existence and function.

    Each of us are our own unique scaffoldings.
    Our body scaffoldings.
    Our conscious and subconscious perception scaffoldings.
    Each of us has our own unique experience with the scaffoldings of the universe.

    And we exist and interact among and within the entire spectrum of scaffoldings.

    If we could take a quintillion megapixel 3D hologram of you right now that would contain all that exists in and around you in your room, and all that exists beyond your room that interacts with you right now, and we could filter and zoom that photo any way we wanted to (layers, dimensions, size, activity), what do you think we would see? What do you think we would learn?

    Would we see all the scaffoldings?

    For conscious and subconscious scaffoldings, the hologram image set would not be relevant. You can light up my brain but cannot see my thoughts or derivations. We would need to invent a visualization engine that constructs systemic models of our conscious and subconscious programming, sensory input, memory, processing and behavior.

    This is what we are building with our Visual Y project – a visualization engine designed to represent the systems and complexity of mental constructs and the constructs of matter and energy that take a tangible form.


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