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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...
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    A Y Person walks into a bar.
    YP has a couple brewskies to tame the rainy frenetic day.
    Soon, it was time to go to the toilet before grabbing a taxi home.

    The worries begin.

    The toilet door has a simple twist lock in the middle of the inside doorknob.
    It looked very worn and untrustworthy. Did the slight twist of the lock really lock the door?

    Z Person comes to the door. No sign of occupancy visible. Shakes the knob and door. Tries again even harder to get in. Both YP and Z have instant anxiety. Luckily, no mutual embarrassment today. The lockset holds.

    Back to Y Person. A proven worrier.
    The faucet was a twist faucet that required the grip of YP’s hand before the soap. Germs?
    The soap was a push and catch. Back of the hand to push. Soap. Rinse. What was in the soap?
    Did the soap clean off everything?
    Then tighten the faucet. More germs? Wash hands again?? No way!

    Then air dry. Don’t touch anything. Were germs in the room blown back onto YP’s busy hand?

    Now the door handle. The dreaded door handle to get out. Round. Has to be grasped. Surely massive disease carrying germs are happily dancing on the grasping hand?

    But before exiting, YP’s conscious goes into overdrive. Where did the waste water go?
    Into the river? Into water treatment and back into drinking water? What does the fluid pipe transit look like – does it travel miles? More questions fly into YP’s mind.

    Suddenly, YP walks to the bartender, grabs a napkin and pen next to the free stale peanut mix, and begins writing. Here is the note left by YP on the bar for all to see.

    For No Worries:

    Fail Safe Systems

    Locksets – visibly secure interior locks with visibly clear exterior signal upon locking

    Elections – visible clarity of ballot, visibly secure privacy, secure original documentation trail, multiple independent testing of code and system

    Web Communications – confirmation of send, confirmation of sender, confirmation of receipt, confirmation of privacy protection, confirmation of system integrity

    Package Labeling – trusted, documented, replicated assessment of labeling accuracy and product performance – placed on the label (change package labeling to Knowledge Labeling and repeat)

    Fine Print - no fine print

    Humans – mutual confirmation of all critical securities – a single government contact point that answers and visibly satisfies every need for food, for shelter, for protection, for health, for disability and old age, for training – with transparent oversight

    Lets install No Worries Systems where it matters.
    Simple. Cost Saving. Face Saving. Life Saving. Nice.

    Y Worlds. No Worries.

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    Here is the shortest “knock knock” joke in the world.
    “Knock Knock”
    That’s it. That is the joke. I didn’t say it was the funniest “knock knock” joke.
    But it certainly is a joke.

    When we knock on many doors, there is no answer – even though the occupant is always there.

    Here are the rock solid doors many of us have knocked on:

    The employment door at most organizations. We get no response or a recorded email.

    The idea door at most organizations. Apparently, there is a very tiny door we can never find.

    The truth door at most organizations. This door entry requires a password that is rarely disclosed and impossible to guess.

    The door for significant venture funding. You have to be let in before you can knock.
    Inside the door for venture funding. Some who knock are funded but then end up leaving through the back door after burning through the green carpet.

    The submissions door at most organizations. When you have something you want to bring to the world, if there is a door, it is so padded that no matter how hard you knock, they do not hear you.

    The “talk to a human door” at many big internet companies. The doors are virtual – mirages. All you can do is a silent one handed knock.

    There are three doors to higher education.

    Door 1 is the height requirement door. If your family name is tall enough to be seen above the transom, and you softly knock, the door will usually open.

    Door 2 has a knocker hidden in a puzzle. If you are smart enough to solve the puzzle, then place the knocker on the correct door, and sharply bang it, the knock will be answered and you may enter.

    Door 3 is a very heavy big non greased door and it requires you to strap on a backpack of gold before you attempt your knock. You have to supply the backpack and the gold yourself. You get one knock and if answered, you must move that heavy door open with the burden of the weight of gold on your shoulders. Very difficult for the less endowed.

    Of course, over the past 10 years, a new generation of people and institutions are taking down the barrier of doors, either scrapping them totally or removing the mechanism of locks and knocks – leaving them simply open for all to see – inside and out. The internet enables anyone to express themselves, anyone to start a thin capital enterprise, anyone to share and exchange and anyone to disclose what is behind closed doors to all who wish to know. Peer to peer is emerging. Full access is emerging.

    But SLANT still holds a strong attachment to doors, making them hard to give up.

    The SLANT based reason for the celebration of doors is that organizations are easily overwhelmed by those from the outside either trying to get in or trying to just have someone answer their knock with a human exchange that satisfies.

    We think that any opportunity that hides behind dark closed doors needs to see the light of day.
    The opportunity and the opportunist must be able to see each other, size each other up using nurture, equality and truth as due diligence, and generate something of greater value if matched.


    Systems is where the action is. We do not have to do things the way they have always been done. We can do things the way they need to be done. Systems is the way they can best be done.

    First, if the folks behind the closed doors don’t answer our knock, we find people with open doors, we find people to team with, we find people with spirit and drive and something of mutual value, and we form cooperative ventures that depend on ourselves.

    We embrace inclusiveness. Treat everyone with dignity and support. Always keeping our eye out for beneficial unions of people and ideas and resources.

    We embrace systems. Groups of people can learn to be better at achieving what they set out to do. Groups of people can learn to create exchanges and movements built on solid organizational foundations with formal techniques of mediation and oversight to ensure SLANT does not rule.

    Y Worlds intends to be such a place. Knock on wood.
    A commons enterprise that can be whatever you make it.
    Y Worlds. Come on in from the cold.

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    The English language offers us a family of words to define, describe and communicate the construct we call Truth.

    Some of the words English speakers use the most are:

    Truthful- True

    Not Truthful- False

    At Y Worlds, we reframe the constructs pertaining to truth and falsity.
    First, we begin with the idea that the words listed above are human centric. Outside of human centric is a construct we call “What Is” – Matter:Energy.

    We use the Y Person model and the comprehensive Y Worlds Models to consider anything human centric.

    Suppose a tree falls in the forest.

    If no human detects this event, it becomes “what is” until a human enters the picture.

    If our person sees the tree fall, the event is processed and enters the corporal being.

    It becomes a signal if recognized subconsciously. It remains noise if not recognized subconsciously.

    It becomes a point of information if it is processed consciously. It becomes knowledge if it is stored or connected for future use.

    What happens next makes this interesting.

    Do others believe this person when the story of the tree falling is told? Why? The details of “What Is” such as the type of tree and where and when the tree fell, open the door to greater complexity. Explaining why the tree fell brings the story fully into the world of systemic complexity. The implications and meaning of the falling tree require complex systemic forecasting.

    Without going into detail, we can use the Y Person model to represent what a person senses, what they know, how they know it, and through what organizational schema do they make sense of it all.

    We can then use what we call a Proof Process to compare what is going on within that person to an objective third party perspective that considers everything pertinent, every relevant viewpoint, every piece of evidence and understanding, and every way to explore the alignment between what is going on within that person to what happened with the tree.

    If the person lied about sensing the tree falling, it means in our models that the person DID sense and remember the tree falling, but their intent was not NETS based, and their choice was to not accurately describe what they knew to be fully valid.

    If the person heard what they thought was a tree falling but did not witness it, and said definitively that a tree had fallen, we call that a process lie. A Proof Process to determine the person’s processing accuracy associated with the speculation would need to be undertaken, along with a Proof Process of “What Is” – a full processing of the scene of the tree, of all evidence, and of all knowledge pertinent to the confirmation that indeed a tree had fallen, and whether the sound of the tree falling was or was not the specific tree that had been identified.

    If the witness to the sound, instead of speculating about the link between the sound and the fact that a tree fell, conducted the full Proof Process themselves, and offered a level of uncertainty and a systemic evaluation of the entire palette of information, then that person could be regarded as truthful, accurate, honest, factual and trustworthy. If the witness plugged their ears and covered their eyes so they could not sense the falling tree, or any of the systemic context, that would be a process lie.

    If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, it is noise in a world of human signal. But if the tree falls on a critical power line grid and causes a catastrophe affecting millions of people, it becomes signal and begins the complex process of thought focused on a falling tree, its cause and consequences.

    If that falling tree was instead a major environmental cause of disease, a major contributor to global warming, a major reason jobs are rapidly decomposing or the single preventable cause of hundreds of billions of dollars spinning in closed cycles of uselessness, then we must face a painful truth. A process lie is a true lie.

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    Newton’s First Law of Motion: Every object continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless compelled to change that state by external forces acted upon it.

    We are all objects of a sort.

    In groups, we are the most powerful creatures on earth.
    Alone, we are one among the creatures of the earth.

    Together, with access to knowledge and resources, we can move mountains of opportunity.
    Alone, and at rest, we tend to stay at rest.

    As families and tribes, we move toward common goals.
    Alone and in motion, we tend to keep in the same motion along a familiar path.
    As civilizations, we dance down roads not taken to the beat of unfamiliar sounds.

    Relationships are external forces.
    Our own conscious is an external force. It operates outside of our inheritance and experience.
    We are the forces that create motion, direct motion, and accelerate motion.

    At Y Worlds, we are building a world. A compassionate, sustainable, scalable world.
    We are, after all, a Cooperative.
    With an evolving universally adaptive systemic language.
    With a peer to peer based theme of shared wealth and resources.
    With a rebuilt knowledge engine powered by a mediated systemic wiki.

    What differentiates Y Worlds from every previous attempt to engage the human potential?

    We are going to operate and grow right before your eyes through Y Worlds.
    We are inclined to think very big in terms of scale and impact – global – universal – sustainable.
    We are going to focus on developing strong and vital peer systems

    We have 3 very big ideas:
    An empowering new systemic language to understand and organize
    A compassionate cooperative framework powered by Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems
    A high value meta exchange that is free to every individual on earth,
    and generates commons wealth
    (via commercial use patents, licenses, partnerships, trade, investments and intellectual
    to distribute among us – to sustain and vitalize and gift

    Our scale: Meta
    Our models: Universal
    Our objective and process: NETS
    Our value added: Semiotic & Systemic Revolution
    Our organization: a Free Sharing Commons
    Our currencies: knowledge, $, trade, legacY, Y Notes, commons assets, compassion, trust
    Our action: Mass & Person
    Our mechanism: eMotion
    Our return on investment: Meaning, Comfort and Vitality

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    What do you want?
    What do you want!

    I want to be connected with everything that controls my life.

    And then I want to take back the controls.

    I want to be disconnected from everything that controls my life badly, everything devoid of Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems.

    I want every established institution and organization that I deal with to treat me and everyone else with Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

    I want accurate, honest complete information.
    I want more than a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    I want a well intentioned, well trained human being to talk to.
    I want to interact with a person that wants to help me.
    I want complete documentation for every exchange and transaction between me and them.
    I want the rules of the game to be clear from start to finish. No surprises!
    No fine print. Only transparency and clarity.

    And I want a world that works for all of us.


    This is what I want for me. And if you like the idea, then for you as well. And if we add hundreds, thousands and hundreds of thousands of people together, and we put our knowledge, our skills, our money, our power and our energy together, we not only become connected with the forces that control our life. We become those forces.

    We do not have to plead for compassionate bankers.
    We do not have to plead for accuracy and honesty, for integrity and respect.
    We do not have to do good things only for free, and less good things for money.
    We do not have to hope a politician votes to take care of the sick, to enable everyone to vote, to include the disenfranchised…

    We build a franchise, a cooperative, within the existing world that is based solely on Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. We pool our knowledge, we shape it so it works, and we use it to empower us.

    And we begin to stop supporting everything, everything, everything, that is motivated by profit alone, by self interest alone, by some winning their de-nurturing battles at all costs.

    Y Worlds is a new venture that represents a way to bridge our current life with the life we want.

    We start with understanding. Systemic models. So we understand before we act. So we can communicate effectively the complexity of how the world works.

    Then we act. We build. We help. We invent. We invest. We partner. We communicate.

    We demand transparency and a Proof Process with a rich participative commons. We call it a world within a world. Y Worlds.

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    It has only been over the past few years that the subject of concussion became visible to most of us. Much of the credit for that visibility can be attributed to the diligence and proactive reporting of The New York Times. We now have a more accurate and systemic understanding of what we call “concussion”.

    Today we understand that each of us reacts differently to various forms of body motion and trauma affecting the brain. We are learning that many of us are more sensitive to concussive experiences and that the duration and scope of effect are far beyond what we had previously assumed. We are also realizing that concussive events may directly correlate with the increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and various forms of dementia and memory disorder. We also know there can be exponential ill effects from cumulative concussions.

    We know that young people are very vulnerable to brain injury from relatively modest collisions. Variables such as angles of incidence, neck strength, protective equipment, reduced traumatic practice and activity sessions, immediate recognition and reaction to symptoms, rules of engagement, better training, size matching, and longitudinal cognitive testing all need to be considered.

    Activities generating the most concussive events include auto driving, cycling, ice skating/hockey, horseback riding, football, soccer, boxing, skiing and basketball.

    Modeling the system of concussion, the pattern of concussion, the key understandings about concussion, are part of the task of Y Worlds. We are constructing a semiotic process to model all conditions that we call illness, bodily damage, disease, disability and dysfunction.

    Here are two of our early experiments that explore how to convey the essence of concussion, and its essential meanings.

    Concussion Exploration 1 from Y Worlds on Vimeo.

    Concussion System - 2 levels from Y Worlds on Vimeo.


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    We are inspired by the art of life, the art of matter:energy, the art of creation.
    We see how to represent.
    We see essence.
    We see that everything can be reduced to essential meanings. Or no meaning.
    Through art. Through multimedia. Through cells and patterns. Through forms and exchanges.
    Through color and light. Through texture and shape. Through space and time.

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    Madison Avenue’s Upper East Side coutures contain some of the most intricate designs we have ever seen. These clothing patterns explore the breadth and depth of our capacity to create shape and form, color and texture. Among these dresses and skirts and scarfs are semiotic inspirations for the use of pattern to carry and convey meaning.

    After years of research, we still believe that unique fixed models are the best way to organize the variables of systems.

    We still believe that filling the cells of these models with rich semiotic patterns is the way to convey states and exchanges.

    We still believe that a multitude of perspectives can only be portrayed by a multitude of integrated models viewed together.

    We still believe that we only need a few specific defined colors, shapes and forms to deliver meaning.

    And we still believe that a browser based real time visualization engine is the solution to the reinvention of knowledge.

    Above all, representations are driven by their objectives and the meaning to be conveyed.

    Here are some examples of how meaning can be portrayed through pattern embedded in form.

    These patterns depict the immediate result of a person drinking an energy drink. The patterns show the different effects by changing not only the color but the texture of the pattern. A harsher pattern conveys a more negative depiction.

    These patterns depict the immediate result of a person getting a concussion. The patterns show the different effects by changing not only the color but texture of the pattern. A harsher pattern conveys a more negative depiction.

    Below are some examples of pattern we at Y Worlds have created.

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    Every one of us comes into the world as billions of pieces of matter and energy - life. Chance brought the pieces together.

    Who came together to be our mother and father.
    Who were the lucky sperm and egg.
    What was the emotional condition of our parents early in our life and what were the toxicity levels of the environment.

    These circumstances determine whether you will be born into wealth or poverty, in health or in sickness, and countless other details of your life. So we get what we get as a result of chance – sorry, no exchanges possible.

    The building blocks of matter and energy that compose each of us (atoms, molecules, genes, cells, bacteria, organs, and so much more) are uniquely ours – the pieces interact to generate a being with programmed human characteristics and functionality. The combination of these pieces– the programming, our conscious behavior, our evolution, and our interactions with everything outside of us–determine our fate.

    Will we live longer or happier or healthier…? What will we be– a cat person or dog person? What will we do with our lives? Will we be an energetic learner or a lifelong couch potato?

    All of us evolve and take a measure of control over our consciousness, offering a formidable challenge to chance. We can try to make the best of our pieces, our interactions, our body and our mind. But above all else human beings are complex living engines and we know really very little about how it all works – despite everything our doctors and media health gurus tell us.

    We now know that “being out of shape” – overweight, easily out of breath, uncomfortable with exercise – fortifies chance, substantially increases the odds that you will become disabled and/or die at an earlier age than your body’s life potential. Add smoking, alcohol, and stress to the mix and the chance of early death jumps forward toward absolute certainty.

    It is the objective of Y Worlds to systemically gather and organize knowledge about our bodies, minds and health to help us make the best decisions in light of our unique genetics, experiences and needs. We want to clear the SLANT surrounding health and wipe away narrow terms such as disease to allow us to understand how the living engine of our bodies really works.


    What we commonly call heart disease is all about the narrowing or occlusion of arteries by materials that form solid obstructions or fast forming clots. It is also about narrowing of the arteries, causing symptoms such as angina for millions of people. The blanket term ‘heart disease’ refers to arterial plaque buildup coupled with hardening of the arteries. Heart disease is really more about plumbing: arterial pipe lining, clogs and blockage, interactions at the surface of the arteries and the flow within the arteries. The heart muscle is the victim of restricted arterial flow.

    The process of arterial occlusion, the process of plaque buildup, obstructions and sometimes clots typically occurs in numerous places in the body, not just in the arteries of the heart. So if you have arterial plaque buildup in the arteries of your heart, you likely have the same problem elsewhere in your body.

    A person classified as having heart disease typically has arteries throughout the body with growing plaque. You have plaque. I have plaque. Most people in the United States, the world, do not know whether their plaque is going to lead to a shorter life, to a sudden death clot, to a life of angina induced pain and disability or something else entirely.

    Over 30 million American have some form of plaque buildup that will ultimately kill them. Over 60 million Americans are walking around with some degree of plaque buildup leading to angina symptoms. Do we understand how and why plaque forms? No. Do we understand how to stop or even abate the processes of plaque or clots? No.

    When a person experiences angina, discomfort due to lack of oxygen to the heart, it is generally due to a narrowing of key coronary arteries due to a buildup of plaque. When a key coronary artery is blocked, it is due either to the continuing buildup of plaque until blood flow is occluded and enough oxygen fail to sustain the heart muscle, or it is due to inflammation of the artery and a rupture of plaque that results in a series of body reactions that produce clots that then block the flow of blood.

    Most occlusions that result in damage to heart are not caused by direct plaque buildup until occlusion, but rather by plaque related damage to the arteries that result in bodily reactions that cause clots that stop or severely restrict blood flow.

    When plaque undergoes inflammation or stress, high blood pressure, it can crack or bleed into the bloodstream. The sticky cytokine proteins on the artery wall capture blood cells that rush to the site of the plaque rupture. The blood cells clump and can forms clots that occlude the artery and stop blood flow.

    We all have been taught parts of the story of Heart Disease.
    A systemic version of the story is seldom told.

    First, our bodies are generatively conceived and self constructed. Microbes have a complex biotic relationship that is an integral part of what we are.

    Things can go wrong with the construction and programming before conception all the way through any moment in our existence. Things can go wrong on a microscopic level or a macroscopic level.

    Our bodies do not have an objective. We are a generative organism with many generative parts.
    That some of us experience bodies that lose functionality faster than others is becoming less a matter of selective heredity and more a matter of fact. If we conceive a child and pass on an inheritance that predisposes the child to lose functionality faster than others, and that child conceives a child, nothing in the makeup of heredity will alter that chain of events, life. So inheritances will grow expansively, leading to greater and greater diversity, and adversity.

    And every one of our bodies was constructed and programmed according to the past.
    If a body, across its ancestral history, never experienced a certain chemical, a certain form of electromagnetic energy, a certain form of microbe, or a certain mix of complex ingredients, it is reasonable to conclude that it is less likely that the body would handle such occurrences without disruption, perturbation or adjustment.

    Root causes of inflammation, scarring, clotting, auto-immune reactions, allergic reactions, diseases such as cancer and neurological malformation, and genetic mutations may well be due in large part to the introduction of foreign variables into the body. Ingesting food based molecules designed to clump and group and bond may well carry over into the blood and arteries of certain people. Experiential variables such as extreme stresses and extreme inactivity may also be foreign to a body’s construction and programming, leading to damaging chains of reaction.

    Our message is our model. The Y Worlds Model serves as a checklist that, like any good checklist, must be practiced from a base of 0 to completion every time a topic is considered.

    When the Y Worlds model is applied to Heart Disease, we discover the lack of a systemic model based approach to complex knowledge. This is disheartening, to say the least.

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    Here's Y:

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