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A global cooperative inventing a powerful new language and enterprise around systems of knowledge, complexity & mass action. Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems.
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    The human species is rapidly and indisputably moving towards the technological singularity. The cadence of the flow of information and innovation in...
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Time is of the essence.
    Isn’t it time we understood time?

    Time is a progression of loops of exchange across all levels of existence.

    If nothing changed, if nothing exchanged, the concept of time would be irrelevant.

    By measuring time, we lose the essence of what it means.

    That we break time into fixed periods distorts the form of our lives.
    Lets not have time control our lives.
    You are the time of your life.
    Enjoy .

    THE EAGLEMAN STAG from Mikey Please on Vimeo.


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    Throughout my youth, my mother would point out to me those relatives and neighbors who were successful by her standards. “That person is very successful, she would say.” She used a simple standard – visible wealth. They were the winners. They were who I should aspire to be.

    But as I grew to understand the idea of winning, the culture of winning, the process of winning, and the rewards of winning, I realized that the construct of success is a fabrication built upon imagination and assumptions. SLANT. Our story today is about the game of life. Of inherited rules and referees. Of inherited language and meaning. It is about inherited constructs such as winning and success that fail to embrace Nurture, Equality, Truth, Systems, complexity and a Proof Process.

    Here are Merriam Webster’s dictionary definitions of both “winner” and the closely related term, “success”

    a : one that is successful especially through praiseworthy ability and hard work
    b : a victor especially in games and sports
    c : one that wins admiration

    b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.

    What we know consciously and subconsciously, and what we do, are often disconnected.

    In sports, we know every player comes with an inheritance of genetics and resilience, along with life experience. Certain mixes of genetics, resilience and experience result in better players. Those that play the game the best are more valued than those performing at a lesser level. That is the construct of the game. The focus is on winning. But winning is a fabrication. Most of us cannot even imagine another focus for a game other than winning. That is the essence of SLANT.

    Any game, including the game of life, can be played to be played. Players, fans, commentators and reporters can feature significant moments, individual achievements, smart decisions, teamwork, effort, improvement, and sheer exuberance. Or just enjoy the experience.

    If winning must be a part of your construct, then any game, including the game of life, need not have a single “winner”, or “first, second and third place”.

    Who said a winner must be the first or the top three? How about grouping achievement by time segments, by standard deviation bands, by significant components, by improvement, by strategy, by teamwork, by sportsmanship, by entertainment value, by effort, by overcoming adversity…?

    But who said we even have to have a winner?

    Recognition rather than judgement is consistent with Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. If someone is not living up to their potential or achieving a specific objective, recognition of that within a systemic context is more valuable than resorting to judgement. If someone or something does not meet your criteria for engagement, you can easily choose other options.

    Wanting to do your best, accomplish everything you put your mind to, within the constraints of your inheritance and life experience, in the embrace of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems, is what we believe in. This is not the same as creating the mirage of an enemy or competitor that you want to defeat, when the only enemy, the only competitor, is the damaging construct of SLANT. The only competition we have is within ourselves.

    At Y Worlds, our winners are those that practice
    Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

    The idea that we attend a soccer game only to see our team win is a mirage of SLANT.
    The idea that we only play a game of soccer in order to win is a figment of SLANT.
    The idea that we won a war is a distortion of Truth.
    The idea that we tolerate the pervasive lies that underly big time politics, athletics and finance
    is a magnificent example of SLANT.

    Wanting to win at all costs means exactly what it says. Nurture, Equality and Truth become secondary. Systems are manipulated to become engines for the success of some at the expense of others.

    The idea that being laid off, sick, impoverished or beaten down in innumerable ways makes us unsuccessful is the embodiment of SLANT.

    The game of life is about experiencing it to the fullest. No judgement is necessary about the quality of play. No one lives up to their fullest potential. The most valued subconscious and conscious attribute in life is positive self perception, followed closely by compassion, resilience and inclusiveness.

    One can achieve these states through innumerable combinations of heredity, inheritance, thought and action. One can be unplugged or fully plugged into CAL-Computer Aided Life. One can be isolated or surrounded. One can be self sufficient or fully dependent.

    Nurture is to live the life that you can and to enable others to live theirs.
    Equality is to love yourself and perceive all others as having the same inherent value.
    Truth is the open embrace of systemic learning.

    What is is.
    What you were and are is all you could be.
    What you have inherited is your game.
    What you will be is the player of your game.
    And your legacY lives forever through the ripples of everything you are, everything you touch and how you played the game.

    At Y Worlds, we play by NETS rules. Play with us. You cannot lose.

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    JOBS /jäbz/ : A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business.

    Jobs are dominating the consciousness of people and policy across the world. The people of the world have been suffering. Since the collapse of the global financial markets and the loss of tens of millions of ‘jobs’, the governments and corporations have been unable to improve ‘job’ creation to anyone’s satisfaction.

    Individuals, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations create jobs. They use capital that is owned or borrowed from cycles of inherited wealth to pay people (including themselves as sole proprietors) to provide services. People differentiate jobs from leisure, employment from home life, work hours from free time.

    We have developed an approach to any system, any subject and any knowledge. We call it the Y Worlds Model. In order to introduce the Y Worlds Model to you, we’ll begin by examining the concept of jobs using the model at its highest level framework. This will be a very simple introduction – with much more to come with systemic and visualization help from the Cooperative.

    First, we look at jobs from the viewpoint of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.
    This is the last time we will use the word “Jobs”.

    Roughly, every moment we have and every movement we make is subject to the momentum that brought us to where we are – our immediate circumstances, our capacity and desire to interact with that momentum, circumstance, and chance.

    When we choose to do something that contributes to our sustenance and survival or the sustenance and survival of others, it becomes a construct of Nurture. We may enjoy the activity or not. We may have control of the activity or not. We may have initiated the activity or not. We may emphasize our limbs, our mind or both.

    These activities have created a simple economic system.

    For our activity:
    We might receive little or no tangible benefit for the effort. We might receive forms of exchange such as currency, loans, promises, tangible goods and services, intellectual property, stimulation or relationship and community. In many cases, what we do receive adds some form of value to us that is then transferable to others in some form at some time and place and condition in the future.

    The activity can be a task.
    The activity can be an interaction.
    The activity can be a thought.
    The activity has inputs, activity and outputs.

    We are not alone with this activity. Seven billion people and quadrillions of organisms, plants and animals are actively engaged with this same type of activity every second of their existence.

    The activity for us has morphed from finding food and shelter directly from relationships with soil, water and organisms to more distant complex systemic manifestations of the same. Our modern complex systems of Nurture formed incrementally, were subject to chance and influence, and were seldom planned or initiated with a commitment or understanding of Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems. Complex human systems are our reality but there is nothing comprehensively systemic about any of them today. They are a patchwork at best. And their objective is never clear.

    Our objective is clear: Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.

    There are enough resources in the world for everyone in poverty, AND everyone out of poverty, to achieve a generative and sustaining life. There is something to do everywhere, activities of all kinds, that add value to oneself and others. How do we get a person from a state of little or no value-building activity to engage in nurturing activity for self and others? This is a question that is solvable at every scale and in every corner of the globe. It is a matter of setting this as an objective, avoiding the tyranny of force, and implementing a spectrum of systemic approaches.

    Mankind does not now manage the nurture of people and living things. There is no system dedicated to the nurture of people and life and no one is accountable to make it so.

    At Y Worlds: We reject tyranny. We embrace freedom. And we reject SLANT.

    There is no reason to believe the current economic “systems” of the world will continue to increase and expand prosperity across the globe – or even within a part of the globe.

    There is no comprehensive economic system. There are no objectives or accountability, and there is mounting evidence that what benefits certain people enjoy come from chance. The cycle of prosperity increasingly transfers wealth within a small number of people who have no immediate incentive to improve the system, to nurture people or plan for the future.

    The extraction of wealth and prosperity from an economic patchwork gives the beneficiaries little immediate incentive to improve the system or the distribution of Nurture.

    The history of the earth, of humans, of life, is one replete with the ebb and flow and interchanges of matter, energy, systems and ecologies. This is generative dynamics. Once there was a forest, now it is a desert. Once there was land, now there is water. Once giant creatures roamed the earth, now they can only be imagined. Once great civilizations existed, they are now buried under the earth.

    We have enjoyed the benefit of more complex forms of economic organization for only hundreds of years – two handfuls of generations. What we call economic systems today are really not systems. We inherited these economies and our ancestors invested in them, but there is no long term warranty and no one entity knows how to, or has the capacity to, fix one if it breaks. It was chance that plopped some of us into the period of relative prosperity the world is experiencing. It will take a unified and focused application of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems to achieve and sustain future prosperity – it can’t be done through free will and enterprise and incrementalism alone.

    A few of many ideas on how to achieve this.

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    Y Worlds is a cooperative dedicated to a Proof Process

    Buddha: Believe Nothing from Y Worlds on Vimeo.

    and new models that make the dysfunctional ones obsolete.

    Buckminster Fuller: New Model from Y Worlds on Vimeo.

    If things do not seem right to you,
    if the systems seem broken,
    if the discussions lead nowhere,
    and the need for something transformational
    is everywhere
    take a sip of Y Worlds.


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    We believe that every attempt to embrace complexity faces the SLANT of languages and inherited knowledge that were not built for that purpose. At Y Worlds, we believe the people of the world need a far better way to handle complexity than the toolset and education we grew up with.

    We need a dynamic visual language that communicates systems
    We need a set of high-level principles for stability
    We need a toolset that is designed to meet bold new objectives
    We need a universality that transcends barriers of language and education and resources
    We need to push away from the endless conversations and spinnings of wheels

    Instead let’s found a cooperative exchange that unites, enlightens, and empowers.

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    Everything has scaffolding
    plus programming
    and dynamos
    and matter
    and energy
    and pattern
    and motion
    and exchange
    and spatial position
    within the sequential unfoldings and foldings that we call time.

    Conscious and Subconscious scaffoldings are the constructs and concepts that determine and define where and how we organize our comprehension of our systemic world. Proof Process is such a scaffolding. The scaffolds scale from macro to micro, from tight foundations to complex lattices.

    Matter and Energy scaffoldings, the Corporal scaffoldings, are the generative and dynamic forms and frames that determine and define where within a system something exists, connects, exchanges, changes, replicates, activates, integrates or grows. These scaffolds scale from macro to nano, from rigid to flexible to entirely robust.

    A city is a scaffolding. An economic system is a scaffolding. A tree is a scaffolding. A molecule is a scaffolding. A perception or understanding is a scaffolding. I am a scaffolding. So are you.

    Spiders may build a web. Build themselves.

    Humans build an Internet, roads, skyscrapers, nanotubes. Build themselves.

    Life forms build proteins and cells. Build themselves.

    Atoms and molecules build compounds and physical objects. Build themselves.

    Input + Exchange builds Output.

    There are invisible and unknown scaffoldings that compose the universe and determine and define its existence and function.

    Each of us are our own unique scaffoldings.
    Our body scaffoldings.
    Our conscious and subconscious perception scaffoldings.
    Each of us has our own unique experience with the scaffoldings of the universe.

    And we exist and interact among and within the entire spectrum of scaffoldings.

    If we could take a quintillion megapixel 3D hologram of you right now that would contain all that exists in and around you in your room, and all that exists beyond your room that interacts with you right now, and we could filter and zoom that photo any way we wanted to (layers, dimensions, size, activity), what do you think we would see? What do you think we would learn?

    Would we see all the scaffoldings?

    For conscious and subconscious scaffoldings, the hologram image set would not be relevant. You can light up my brain but cannot see my thoughts or derivations. We would need to invent a visualization engine that constructs systemic models of our conscious and subconscious programming, sensory input, memory, processing and behavior.

    This is what we are building with our Visual Y project – a visualization engine designed to represent the systems and complexity of mental constructs and the constructs of matter and energy that take a tangible form.

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    All living things carry an inheritance that governs their behavior. We possess an adaptive patchwork of genetic programming that affects how we experience and interact with the world. In addition to our genetic inheritance, we rely on another inheritance – the fabric of life experience and acquired systems that guides us through our lives.

    Culture, relationships, education, language and institutions are passed down through generations, forming the world we live in today. This inheritance is rich, but it also limits our potential by leading us to believe that this is the way life and civilizations must be. The world has changed, but out genetic programming and any of our cultural systems have not. In some ways we have adapted to interact with a world we no longer inhabit. In this complex world, we know less than we think we know, and more importanlty, much less than we could know.

    On an individual level inheritance also takes the form of a roll of imbalanced dice. A few of us receive a rich inheritance. Most of us are handed an inheritance with limited choices. Some of us find ourselves in survival mode from birth.

    The momentum of our genetics and inherited social and economic systems push us to continue living as we always have. We call these combined forces SLANT.

    Y Worlds aims to step out from the momentum of inheritance, to pull against SLANT’s push. By revolutionizing how we cooperatively organize knowledge across systems, humankind can do a better job surviving, protecting and making our way through the world without illusions.

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    Project: Polytopia

    We believe in the extraordinary concept stuck with an ordinary name - meaning.

    Meaning is what stands out across all of our senses. Meaning is the signal that stands out from the noise.

    Meaning is the pattern that is deviant,
    the pattern that is sought,
    the pattern that can be recognized,
    the laws of pattern that enable us to understand and anticipate,
    the pattern that we are programmed to focus on,
    the sudden motion, the loud noise, that our genetics require us to process,
    the threat we evade
    the exhilaration we explore
    the filter for every stimuli
    the guide to decision and choice
    the thing we call knowledge

    Meaning is what we remember in long term memory- in short term memory. Meaning is the connections we make to whatever crosses our path. Meaning is the importance we place on whatever crosses our conscious and subconscious processing. Meaning is the message. Meaning is the understanding.



    Meaning is NOT information, data, books, words, compendiums, dictionaries, wikipedia

    Our model of Meaning contains Objectives and Value. They are a construct of memory and processing among our conscious, subconscious and corporal- Y Person. Everything has programming. The programming directs behavior and exchange and change. Molecules, cells and organisms have programming that is their “objective”.

    Human beings have BOTH native programming, and conscious and subconscious objectives.

    We may think we need something. We may think we want something. These needs and wants derive from both our programming (genetic and life experience) and at a higher level, our objectives – which are human constructs – made up of aspects of meaning.

    Objectives frame what we wish to move to or from. Meaning defines the variables that we pay attention to. Value organizes the meaning and objectives within a systemic spectrum – filled with context, perspectives, choices and feedback loops.


    …become what systemic knowledge is all about.
    …become the purpose of a semiotic language.
    …become the mission for Y Worlds.

    We would like to hear from you about the concept of meaning.

    What does an ontology of meaning look like when applied to human relationships, day to day life, societal policy, our language, our priorities? What is the essence of meaning?

    When you look something up on wikipedia, make a decision, take an action, or think about the universe – what is the meaning you are seeking at the first principle level? Other levels?

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    What is real?

    That, of course, depends upon perspective. To quote the Matrix, “If you’re talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.”

    If you’re at a magic show, there is a huge disparity between what you perceive as real, and what the magician understands as real. We know, for example, that depending upon your cultural background, you can perceive the exact same event in two different ways. This is part of the SLANT we inherit from the society in which we live, and it contributes to a subconscious human-centered perspective.

    What is, is. We refer to the “real” real world as “What Is”. Independent of observation, but, lacking omniscience, we can only see slices, tiny pieces of the What Is world at a time. That is then passed through filters, biases, and our SLANT.

    In our incessant quest for knowledge we endlessly seek information which we do not currently possess. We try to understand as much as we can. The moonbeam above is not What Is, but it is all we can see. It is a conscious human-centric view. Yet, once you understand that a beam of narrow moonlight does not follow you across the water, your conscious and then your subconscious can add another dimension of understanding beyond the limitations of your immediate perception.

    People love the mystery of the unknown. We love magic. We are wired for it. And we are also programmed to settle for certain perceptions of the world – SLANT – that have no basis in science.

    At Y Worlds, we are integrating each of those disparate perspective views and collating them into a unified set of models that will help each person push away from their own limited, isolated perspective in order to interpret the world systemically. Instead of a dogmatic human-centric understanding, we seek a convergence of scientific lines of thoughts and inquiry that provides a push against the SLANT of inaccuracy and outdated programming.

    There is a basis for everything. There is a reason for everything. And we do not know much about anything. Including ourselves.

    The world remains magical. Life is magical. Human interaction is magical. Subatomic particles and energy are magical. The universe is magical. There are curtains separating us from What Is. And the question is, how badly do we want to see what is behind the curtains?

    Our pursuit of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems requires conscious effort and intent to better understand What Is in order to reach our potential. This pursuit, the dream of embracing ourselves and our world and What Is, has plenty of room to enjoy the moonbeams and magic of our life while simultaneously taking on the conscious challenges, and sharing the benefits, of never being fooled.

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    There are limits to what we can see.

    We cannot see through the clouds. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see what is very small – nano. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see what is very large – universe. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see beyond our immediate vision. We can Imagine.
    In the midst, we cannot see the whole. We can Imagine.
    We can hear the vision of others, but cannot see it. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see what is in your thoughts. Our thoughts. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see the whole of any system. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see the distribution of pain. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see the intimate acts of love. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see we are boxed by inheritance. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see the past or the future. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see our face without a reflection. We can Reflect.
    We cannot see the energies that power everything. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see how much there is to learn. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see our potential. We can Imagine.
    We cannot see the people with great power use it wisely. They are mostly invisible.

    We cannot see the complexity. Until we imagine it.
    We cannot see the limits of our consciousness. It is our Imagination.

    Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems: Imagine what we can do together.

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