Comment on God vs. The Second Law of Thermodynamics

aaron kinney Wed, Jun 27, 2007

I understand where your coming from, but in regards to this:

Our minds just can't handle it.

I strongly disagree. More specifically, I will concede that we may dont understand it all **at the moment**, but there is nothing to support the contention that we can never even hope to understand it, even in principle.

And this "nothing" that you speak of has never existed, to be sure. While our universe **as we know it** had a beginning, everything we know about reality points to a universe that is comprised of eternal matter and energy. If we are to assume or propose anything about nothingness, we can only support the proposition that nothingness is a concept that has never existed in reality.

People love to ponder the question "why is there something rather than nothing?" and it is a valid question, but the reverse form of this question is equally valid. What I mean, is that there is no reason to assume that nothingness would be a default or more likely outcome as opposed to something-ness.

Obviously Subtle,

I agree with you 100% that it "absolutely" makes a difference. Information is the most valuable resource we have (aside from time itself). And the better information sets we have, the more efficiently and effectively we can use our time.

Can we ever hope to discover everything that there is to discover about reality? I believe so. But I also believe that when that day comes, it will be a bittersweet victory.