Comment on God vs. The Second Law of Thermodynamics

aaron kinney Thu, Jun 28, 2007

I don't think evolution or life have any inherent value.

Well you have to put it in context. Value only exists in terms of a valuER. So the real answer is that life only has an inherent value to the living. In other words, our lives are only valuable to ourselves.

Aaron, regarding nothingness - I think eternity presents the same problem to our faculties as zero. That we may at some point understand the infinity of the universe, suggests our achieving infinity in our mental capacities or otherwise. Which again, is something I find hard to the moment.

I agree with you here, more or less. Zero and infinity are mind bending concepts. If you really want a great mindfuck, you should check out Everything Forever. Its amazing and it talks quite a bit about nothingness and infinity. It will certainly expand your perspective!

I like your curiosity and your attitude of questioning everything. That philosophy is the key to progress :)


I think what you may be neglecting to consider, or maybe just mention, is that "we" have only existed on planet Earth for a one millionth of a millisecond of evolutionary time, so if by "we" you mean human beings, i highly doubt the possiblity of us ever comprehending "it all."

It does seem doubtful, to be sure. And of course, the more we know, the more we know we DONT know. And while our minds may currently not be able to understand everything, there is no reason to think that some kind of consciousness (post-human perhaps?) could understand everything in principle.

im also not sure that you even need to ask why we are here. I think it's much more interesting to think about how we are changing as evolutionary time goes on and question how much we can play a role in the universe at large.

Agreed. In the words of superfamous, "word to that" :)